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As Salaam Alaikum (Hello!)...welcome to this website! More and more Somalians are now moving across the state of Minnesota as we have the largest population (15,000+) than any other state in the U.S.A. When one thinks of Somalia, we (due to "media"-Hollywood) think of "Black Hawk Down"-a very "negative stereotype" of these particular people that God loves too! Yes, it may have been a "true story" (dramatized too, like many other Hollywood "based on a true story" films), but like the "media"-it doesn't represent the other "positive" side of the story. When I saw this movie, as an "ethnic-minority", I felt the film should've had some stories of how Somalians have been suffering under the "extreme political regime" that killed the #? American soldiers in this movie. It would've been "nice" to see some "positive" Somalians and their way of life that many "Westerners" haven't really experienced.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling on...I've had the opportunity to get to know a couple Somalians that's been to our college campus-UMM in the past. That is why I decided to start a site like this. I really don't know much of this particular ethnic group, but I'll add more later on....

Calling Out to Isa/Jesus

"Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, "Choose one of the bulls and prepare it first, since there are so many of you. Call on the name of your god, but do not light the fire." 26 So they took the bull given them and prepared it. Then they called on the name of Baal from morning till noon. "O Baal, answer us!" they shouted. But there was no response; no one answered. And they danced around the altar they had made. 27 At noon Elijah began to taunt them. "Shout louder!" he said. "Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened." 28 So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. 29 Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention. 30 Then Elijah said to all the people, "Come here to me." They came to him, and he repaired the altar of the LORD , which was in ruins. 31 Elijah took twelve stones, one for each of the tribes descended from Jacob, to whom the word of the LORD had come, saying, "Your name shall be Israel." 32 With the stones he built an altar in the name of the LORD , and he dug a trench around it large enough to hold two seahs [1] of seed. 33 He arranged the wood, cut the bull into pieces and laid it on the wood. Then he said to them, "Fill four large jars with water and pour it on the offering and on the wood." 34 "Do it again," he said, and they did it again. "Do it a third time," he ordered, and they did it the third time. 35 The water ran down around the altar and even filled the trench. 36 At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: "O LORD , God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command. 37 Answer me, O LORD , answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD , are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again."-1 Kings 18 more....

""Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."-Matthew 7:7

Asian Tsunami 2004 Post-Christmas Disaster

Somolian Community of Minnesota -to help with relief in Somolia, you can contact them at 612.338.5282

Recommended Resources


West-Central Region



  • Somali Refugees Establishing their Culture in Greater Minnesota, Still Face Financial Issues. , Updated at: 11/05/2010 7:54 PM | from

  • "WILLMAR, Minn- In the heart of Willmar is a nexus for Somali refugees at the Centerpoint mall who left their war torn country in Africa for a better life in Minnesota.
    The town is home to roughly 2,000 people from Somalia and the mall has several stores where people can buy clothes and food specific to their culture. Abdibu moved to the area one year ago and often shops at the local stores.
    "You can buy Somali clothes and some of them are very pretty," Abdibu said. "Female shirts, dresses and so many kinds of purifications that they use at home are all here."
    The local Somali stores are important to muslims who can not eat pork.
    "The food has to be produced a certain way and we're able to get our meat here (at the local grocery store)," Abdibu said.
    While Somali refugees have made a home for themselves in Minnesota many commented they still struggle to find work. Several refugees still do not speak english which limits their possibilities.
    "The hardest thing I had to face was not having a job and it was hard not speaking the language to get a job," Willmar Somali Utbad Sash said. "You have to speak the language you have to know the language and I didn't know anything about it."
    Sash has lived in the United States since 2007 and does not speak english. Sash commented money is more of an issue now that she lives in Minnesota.
    "Here if you don't pay the rent you can be evicted and you can not get another place," Sash said. "In Somalia you can say 'wait for me next month' and that person would wait but here it doesn't work like that."
    Several Refugees are still waiting for relatives to come over and often have a hard time financing trips back to their homeland.
    "I'm back here in the United States and she's (his wife) in Kenya and it's hard because she's expecting," Abdibu said.
    Written for the web by Brian Collins"


  • Bihi's Restaurant

  • 210 Fifth Street SW; Willmar, MN 56201; (320) 235-8000 (Somalian cuisine)
    *see Kandiyohi Dinning



    Somali Soccer Team

    "Heb 1:1 Ilaah wuxuu waagii hore siyaalo badan oo kala duduwan awowayaasheen kula hadlay nebiyadii,
    Heb 1:2 laakiin maalmahan ugu dambaystooda wuxuu inagula hadlay Wiilkiisa uu ka dhigay kan wax walba dhaxla, kan uu duniyooyinkana ku sameeyey



  • Karmel Square and Karmel Suuqq

  • 2910-2944 Pillsbury Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408
    "..It's a dense little complex of shops and stalls overflowing with merchandise. Racks of clothing or grocery displays narrow the halls in places and turn them into a narrow intimate maze. Some of it feels like a market moved indoors and a lot of it has a slightly shabby hole-in-the-wall feel.
    Stalls sell rugs, curtains, tea sets, skirts, and scarves. One stall listed henna and I saw a woman with beautiful designs on her hands. There are cafes, a fabric store, a bookstore, a cell phone shop, a barber, an insurance agent, a prayer room, and what looked like a mini convenience store...
    We ate at Karamel Cafe before heading home. It was an odd experience because we were the only women in the cafe. Nobody shooed us out or anything and everyone was friendly, but it felt awkward. I asked someone if there was another place the women ate at. (I figured I'd get it right next time and eat there.) But he just said the women don't like to eat in public.
    The food was good and cheap. The posted menu listed meats as separate items but my friend said "goat and rice with tea" and I followed her lead. I ended up with a meal and a half for just 8 dollars. The goat had bones in it but the meat fell away easily. The rice had some flavoring but it was too bland for me till I added the amazing green paste that was sitting on the table in a squeeze bottle. It made everything yummy, but it was HOT so a little went a long way. There was also a little smidge of salad with what looked like French dressing (that I didn't try) and a banana on the side.
    The tea was chai with milk. I always thought really sweet chai wasn't authentic but I must be wrong since the chai here was sweet enough to drink for dessert. It was yummy though....
    2936-2944 Pillsbury Avenue South
    Karmel Square - Suuqa Karmel
    Karmel Square was Sabri Properties’ first commercial building. It has professional offices on the second floor, retail and office space on the first floor, and a beautiful coffee shop. The Suuqa Karmel adjoins Karmel Square and houses small, minority and immigrant owned businesses in a bazaar-type setting.


  • Minnesota Churches for You to Visit, from

  • United Somali Fellowship Denomination Presbyterian Church (USA)
    United Somalia Lutheran Fellowship Denomination Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod


  • Minnesota International Health Volunteers, a social service site

  • *referred by SPNN (St. Paul Network News-) when I was flipping channels on Saturday, January 29th 2005



  • Feed My Starving Children Sends Meals To Africa August 24, 2011 6:49 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Horn of Africa’s worst famine in 60 years is putting nearly four million people at-risk of starvation in Somalia. But Wednesday, Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children hoped to make a dent in that.
    The organization partnered with members of Minneapolis’ Somali community and the group World Relief to send 270,000 meals to Africa.
    Volunteers put together life-saving meals for the babies and young children who are at greatest risk of death during the food crisis in Somalia.
    It will take 50 days to get the more than 270,000 meals to the areas where they are needed most.
    "Here we are in Coon Rapids today on August 24, heading to Chicago, Norfolk, Virginia through the Mediterranean to Port Said, I understand that is in Egypt, Jeddah, Berber and that’s where it is going to be actually unloaded and then by truck that long road down into lower Shabelle,” said Michael Neterer from World Relief, while pointing at the map of their journey.
    The trip is dangerous and making sure the food gets there without interference from pirates is the focus of a Somali tribal leader from Minneapolis.
    Sultan Aliyoow posted a note on the food asking that it be given to the most needy in his country.
    "anything, remember you will answer to God,'" said Sultan Aliyoow.
    Until the meals reach those in need, the Somali community is filling the gap, by sending money.
    A video from Somalia, which was received Wednesday, shows how their generosity is already saving lives.
    Organizers hope to send another container of meals in the next couple of weeks.
    The Somali community continues to have fundraisers, to help pay the $18,000 needed to get the meals to remote areas of Somalia where it is needed most.
    You can help the families in Somalia by sending a donation right now. Just text the word "manna" to 50555 to give $10 to Feed My Starving Children.
    For more ways to donate, click here."

  • Local Groups Work To Raise Money For Somalia August 4, 2011 6:07 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the first time, we learned drought and famine in Somalia have killed 29,000 children under age 5. In fact, this is the worst drought in 60 years, affecting millions of people in four African countries.
    The United Nations predicts famine will continue spreading, and a Minneapolis man knows a handful of those who are suffering.
    "The story they tell me, after story, after phone call is just amazing,” said Ali Ali, who owns a cellular phone store in south Minneapolis.
    Ali has sent his mother and sister money to live on, so they should be fine, but he worries for his friends back home who don’t have the same financial support.
    The United Nations has said previously that tens of thousands of people have died in the drought. The U.N. now says 640,000 children are acutely malnourished — a statistic that suggests the death toll of small children will rise. That’s about the size of the city of Minneapolis and the city of St. Paul combined.
    "It is hard, having a hard time with what to do and they don’t have any help,” said Ali.
    What people are going through is likely the closest thing to hell on earth. They’re starving under extreme heat. They’re in such desperate need for food and water that some are walking 100 miles just to get it. That would be like walking from downtown Minneapolis to Eau Claire, Wis.
    American Refugee Committee, based in Minneapolis, has workers distributing food and supplies. They’re concentrated in Somalia’s capital city and are hoping to provide clean water and sanitation services soon but only with help.
    "This is one of those emergencies where right now it’s all about money,” said Daniel Wordsworth, the president and chief executive officer of A.R.C. “Now there’s not enough food to last the next few weeks, but there is enough to provide now. What we’re doing is we’re receiving funding. We transfer that funding to Mogadishu, and that team buys the goods on the ground, and they take and deliver those foods to families.”
    Said Sheik-Abdi, with the American Refugee Committee, said in Mogadishu, there are 70,000 people displaced.
    "They haven’t received rainfall for the past two or three years,” he said. “Farmers lost their livestock, they lost their farms and some families are loosing the children."
    Sheik-Abdi said the ARC has organized several events to raise money. Abdifatah Farah, spokesman for Ka Joog, a nonprofit organization that works with Somali youth, said they are doing the same. The events include car washes, a basketball tournament and a picnic. ARC managed to raise $7,000.
    “Everybody out there is starving,” Farah said, adding that he has family living in southern Somalia. “I haven’t been in contact with them. Everyone is trying to raise money and send it back home. People there are depending on us. They have nothing.
    Thirty students from the University of Minnesota have pledged to raise $1,000 dollars each for the ARC. General Mills has also stepped up by donating $100,000 to ARC.
    Farah is not only raising money, he’s also planning to head to a refugee camp in Kenya where many Somalis are escaping the famine.
    "We’re going to go over there and film people,” he said. “Then bring it back and share it with people here to donate more money.”
    There is also medical group in the Twin Cities made up of doctors and nurses who are planning a trip to Somalia to help, according to Sheik-Abdi. They have a group on Facebook called Neighbors for Nations.
    Photographer Tyler Hicks with the New York Times said there was one thing that really jumped out at him while taking pictures. He recalled just how incredibly frail the children were. There were several moments that he didn’t know the children were alive in their mother’s arms until the child shifted a bit.
    "Thousands, many thousands of people, and that fact that they’re coming into Mogadishu, one of the most unsafe cities in the entire world, says a lot about the condition of what they’re experiencing in their villages and how desperate they have to be,” Hicks said.
    The United Nations predicts all of Somalia will suffer from widespread famine in the next month, a situation that will likely grow worse before getting better.
    "This is where quick action will help these people,” Ali said."

    Classes at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis @10:30a-?


  • Somalia Watch
  • Somalis in Minn. react to barrage of bad news, Posted at: 04/25/2009 2:55 PM (

  • "..."We wished it was someone else, like another community besides the Somalians. We don't want to be in the front of the news for negative things," said Mohamed. "If it was for the first Somali-American who won the Olympics, yeah, I could be proud of it. But not for somebody who is creating violence for others and making a mess."...
    Just a couple of weeks ago, she and some friends were filling up at a gas station in the hip Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis. While they were there, she said two young white men sitting in a car hurled a comment at her and her girlfriends. .
    "They turned around to be right next to the car we were driving and said, 'Go back to where you came from, you dumb terrorists.' I was angry - ignorant people," said Ruqia Mohamed. "But then you see stuff happening in the media. I'm sure these boys would not have said that if they didn't read or hear about all these crazy things that are happening, and the way they're been reported." .
    Mohamed said stories about pirates and terrorists eclipse the dominant narrative of most Somalis living in U.S....

    *see Racism Testimony



  • FBI: Mpls. man likely first U.S. citizen suicide bomber , Posted at: 02/23/2009 10:59 PM By: Becky Nahm (

  • "The FBI now says a Minneapolis man may have been the first U.S. citizen to carry out a terrorist suicide bombing.
    FBI Director Robert Mueller said Monday, Shirwa Ahmed, who killed himself in an attack in Somalia in October, was recruited in the United States, specifically in Minnesota.
    Mueller spoke in front of the Council on Foreign Relations.
    In November, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS broke the story of young Somali men, missing from the Twin Cities and their possible connection to Ahmed.
    Several months ago, the FBI and Justice Department began investigating cases of men of Somali descent who returned to Somali to join the conflict between an Islamic militant group and Ethiopian and African Union troops. The agency confirmed to ABC News that some of the men returned to the U.S. after fighting in Somalia.
    The FBI has been looking at possible cases in Minneapolis, Boston, Columbus, Ohio, Seattle, San Diego and Washington DC.
    US officials believe that the group could merge with elements of Al Qaeda's east African network and further gain influence destabilizing the region.
    Mueller said, "World politics often shape terrorist and criminal threats against the United States… A crisis in the horn of Africa may well have a ripple effect in Minneapolis." "

    U.S. Muslims Helping Holy War Abroad? -

    " Officials are concerned that the disappearance of Somali men in the U.S. could be linked to terrorism."
  • FEDS: Twin Cities man behind Somalia bombing, investigating network , Posted at: 11/25/2008 08:45:29 PM By: Sam Zeff, Assistant News Director; Bob McNaney, Investigative Reporter; Nicole Muehlhausen, Web Producer (

  • "..learned that Ahmed came to the Twin Cities in 1996 and graduated from Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis. He was a naturalized U.S. citizen.
    More than a dozen young men of Somali descent, mostly in their 20s, from the Minneapolis area have recently disappeared, U.S. law enforcement officials tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. All are thought to be associates of Ahmed. U.S. officials suspect most of the young men have departed for Somalia to fight in ongoing violence there or to train in terrorist camps. Family members of the young men are said to be distraught, trying to figure to out what happened to them, sources say...
    "In East Africa, Al Qaeda's engaging Somali extremists to revitalize operations," said Hayden. "And while there clearly has not yet been an official merger, the leader of the al-Shabaab terrorist group is closely tied to al-Qa’ida. And the recent bombings in Somalia may have meant, at least in part, to strengthen the bona fides of this group with al-Qaeda's senior leaders. A merger between al-Shabaab and al-Qa’ida could give Somali extremists much needed funding while al-Qaeda could then claim to be re-establishing its operations based in East Africa. That's a base that was severely disrupted about two years ago when Ethiopia moved into Somalia."


  • Somali Mission
  • Somserv P.O. Box 19200; Minneapolis, MN 55416-9200; 612.822.4311; Fax 612.822.4313. Contact Yaqub (e-mail address hidden for privacy)


  • Hollywood calls local Somali community 10:42 PM, Nov 6, 2011

  • "MINNEAPOLIS -- When Hollywood calls, people answer. And Saturday was no exception when a casting director showed up in Minneapolis to find actors for Tom Hanks' next big movie.
    "Somali people are going to star in it, and that's why I'm here because of the audition," said Sakeriye Daurd, a 10-year-old aspiring actor.
    Daurd was one of hundreds willing to wait for hours for a chance to act in the feature film, "Capt. Phillips." The movie will star Hanks, who plays Richard Phillips -- a cargo ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates for several days in 2009. Phillips was eventually rescued when a navy sharpshooter killed three of the pirates.
    Minneapolis was chosen for the auditions because of its large Somali population. Some actors said they were somewhat concerned about the portrayal of Somalis as criminals and pirates, but they decided the overall exposure was beneficial.
    "It's opportunity for education, not only education but empowerment as well, too," said Morrice Fadina, adding that he believes the movie producers will portray both the "good guys" and "bad guys" within the Somali community.
    Those who make the cut will return for "callback" auditions on Tuesday. Shooting for the movie will begin early next year in New Orleans.
    (Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)


    Shingam Restaurant

    1304 E. Lake St.
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

    Somolian Goat Meat served w/delicious rice (yellow)

    While my friends and I were eating our delicious tasty exotic meal. Some Somolians or customers were watching some NBA Sports News on this t.v. facing the table seating area.

    Restaurant Manager/Representative gives my friend Nate information on the Somolian term for what we ate..."Avi goat", Shaahh, Shaha"

    Nate and I toast to the "best tea ever tasted"


    From: "MCDC"
    Subject: MCDC News, Dec. 13, 2005
    Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:29:10 -0600

    To view this email as a web page, go to the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser's address window.

    "News Brief of the MultiCultural Development Center" December 13, 2005

    Somali Contributions in the Workplace and Beyond: Workshop Highlights and Key Points of Learning
    By Terri Ricci, MCDC News Editor

    "On November 16, the Multicultural Development Center (MCDC) presented an informational workshop about Somali culture and how Somali immigrants are successfully integrating into the workplace, as well as into the community. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Bloomington Human Rights Commission.

    Eighty attendees obtained tools and tips that they could use in their daily interactions with Somali immigrants and refugees. Omar Yousuf, workshop facilitator, gave a brief history of Somalia. A majority of Somali people came to the United States from refugee camps. The primary reason that many Somali immigrants come to Minnesota is because of the Somali community that is already established here. Minnesota also has a high number of jobs that can be done that do not require English language skills.

    Many Somali immigrants are well educated in their country, but US companies often do not recognize these degrees as immigrants are seeking jobs. Therefore, many take jobs that are lower paying and less prestigious than the ones they held in Somalia. In the past 10 years, however, Somali achievements have been great. There are many Somali-owned and operated businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul commercial corridor. Somalis are very appreciative and eager to learn how to own and operate businesses in Minnesota.

    Somalis in the workforce have made valuable contributions at the many companies and organizations that employ them. Testimonials given by representatives of Emerson Process Management and the YWCA of Minneapolis related how Somali employees have helped to grow their bottom line by increasing productivity. Bonnie Stanberry told of how her company, Emerson Process Management, faced an employee shortage at the beginning of the new millennia and had difficulty filling orders to clients. However, by recruiting and hiring Somali workers, her company has seen a growth in their overall profit margin in the past several years.

    At the workshop, the panelists and audience held an interactive discussion about some of the keys to retaining Somali employees. By understanding their culture and values, employers can create a work environment where Somalis feel valued, impacting both retention and productivity. Panelists at the workshop included Hussein Samatar from the African Development Center, Farah Nur from Ubah Medical Academy and Amal Abdalla from Somali Success School. Many of the issues discussed were related to Somali values that originate from their religion.

    - Nearly all Somalis are Muslims and most pray five times a day. Prayer and the rituals surrounding prayer are a religious obligation which many are not willing to compromise. Companies with large Somali employee populations have learned to be flexible and make the accommodations necessary to acknowledge this requirement and to make them feel valued.
    - Interest paid for money in a checking or savings account is not allowed for Somalis as well as other Muslims. For this reason, Somalis often do not participate in 401(k) plans offered by their employers. They also do not participate because they do not know where the money is being invested. However, if a company is willing to educate Somali employees about where their money is being invested, there is a greater chance for those employees to participate in the 401(k) program.
    - Since pork is forbidden in the Koran, nearly all Somali people do not eat it. However, for Somalis, deeper issues of contamination exist. Any food that has come into contact with pork is considered off limits. Thus, it is prohibited to eat foods that have contained pork, even though the pork is not directly consumed. This is an important fact for companies to remember who have cafeterias where pork products may come into contact with other meats, or if one orders pizza for a meeting and does not understand why Somali employees cannot just "pick off" the pepperoni.
    The bottom line with any issue, according to Yousuf, is communication. Speak to Somali co-workers and ask questions, in a respectful way, about their culture and beliefs. Get to know what they need to feel valued in the organization.

    For more information about Somali culture, contact MCDC at 952-881-6090, or email

    Somalis allege discrimination at Cold Spring poultry plant
    Oct 11th-12th KSAX
    "MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Nine Somali immigrant employees at poultry processor Gold'n Plump Poultry Inc. alleged in a federal lawsuit that they were discriminated against because of their race and their religion at the company's Cold Spring plant.
    The group alleges that the St. Cloud-based company would not permit them short breaks during the day to pray. The Muslim faith, the lawsuit says, requires five prayers a day at times defined by position of the sun.
    While the company did allow the employees to take limited numbers of restroom breaks, Khadija Jama of St. Cloud alleged she was followed into the restroom by a supervisor to make sure that she did not pray there.
    She said whites at the Cold Spring plant did not get the same treatment when they went to the restroom.
    The lawsuit also claims that the company was more likely to force Somalis than whites to work the night shift and do the least desirable jobs in the factory. Whites, the lawsuit claims, were more likely to get promotions than Somalis.
    Joe Snodgrass, attorney for the Somalis, said the case was filed in federal court in Minneapolis on Friday.
    He asked the court for both compensatory and punitive damages, and asked the judge to order the company to provide "equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees." The lawsuit does not specify dollar figures.
    In a statement Monday, Peggy Brown, director of human resources, said Gold'n Plump respects the religious beliefs of all employees and strives "to balance their religious practices with the realities of a manufacturing line."
    Brown said Gold'n Plump has made accommodations since 2003 to its Muslim employees in an effort to provide them with opportunities to pray. She said the company announced further changes last week, before it became aware of the lawsuit, "that we believe provide yet more opportunity for observance of Muslim prayer."
    She said Gold'n Plump was under no obligation to do so, and added that "modifications of this nature affect and possibly disrupt the lives and schedules of other employees." "


    Somali Pirates attacking people in Saint Paul, Minnesota , from

  • New alarm among Somalis in Minnesota- Portland bombing plot lends a fresh urgency to their efforts to reach out to young people and to fight extremism. By ALLIE SHAH and RICHARD MERYHEW, Star Tribune staff writers Last update: November 29, 2010 - 10:00 PM

  • "..Minnesota Somali leaders had already been working to protect young men in their community from the lure of radicalism and gangs.
    "It's a very dangerous situation," Mohamed said of the threat posed by religious extremism. "The next step is [figuring out] how can the Somali community address this issue?"...
    The speech that Sharif Mohamed was delivering about ignorance was part of a series of lectures delivered to a couple of hundred people in the local Somali community over the Thanksgiving weekend.
    Mohamed is president of a new group called the Islamic League of Somali Scholars in America.
    Formed about eight months ago to combat extremism, it includes members from nine different Somali organizations nationwide
    "A lot of people, when they do this type of activity, it's because they are ignorant about the religion," he said.
    "What you hear on YouTube is not the right Islam. We plan to do more, too."



  • Hitler loving Muslim cab driver runs over his passengers, from

  • "A Muslim Somali cab driver in Nashville TN, picks up two Christian college students, gets into a discussion about religion and tells them that Hitler was a "good man because he was trying to rid the world of Jews". Nashville City Paper reports that when the students paid the cabby they expressed their disagreement and told him "If you're going to live in a country like ours, you're going to have to tolerate other people's beliefs" This didn't sit well with Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed, the cab driver, who then proceeded to run them down, hitting one, breaking his pelvis and leg."

    *see Bible


  • Somali Students
  • Women Makes History as First Somali Carleton Grad , April 29th 2008 11pm CDT

  • "One woman is making Minnesota history after being in the country for a few years. Muna Noor is one of the first Somali student every admitted to prestigious Carleton College in Northfield, Darcy Pohland reports

    Current Events

    Mentally Ill Somali Immigrant Fatally Shot, from Somali Land Times
    Somali Shot to Death by Deputy in Ohio from somalipress
    Somali Online: Police Shot and killed a Somali Man


  • CIA Factbook

  • "Britain withdrew from British Somaliland in 1960 to allow its protectorate to join with Italian Somaliland and form the new nation of Somalia. In 1969, a coup headed by Mohamed SIAD Barre ushered in an authoritarian socialist rule that managed to impose a degree of stability in the country for a couple of decades. After the regime's collapse early in 1991, Somalia descended into turmoil, factional fighting, and anarchy. In May 1991, northern clans declared an independent Republic of Somaliland that now includes the administrative regions of Awdal, Woqooyi Galbeed, Togdheer, Sanaag, and Sool. Although not recognized by any government, this entity has maintained a stable existence and continues efforts to establish a constitutional democracy, including holding municipal, parliamentary, and presidential elections. The state of Puntland, which has been self-governing since 1998 but does not aim at independence; it has also made strides toward reconstructing a legitimate, representative government but has suffered some civil strife..."

    the beautifull capital city of somalia &


  • Learn Somali
  • ~ Somali Language Courses ~ Audio, CD ROM, Learn, Speak, Instruction, Dictionary, Phrasebook., from

  • Wikipedia

  • "is a member of the East Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family, spoken by ethnic Somalis in Somalia and adjacent parts of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as by the Somali diaspora around the world, with an estimated total population of between 10 and 16 million speakers. Somali was declared the official language of Somalia in 1972 and is used in education, administration and the media..."


    SELAH, Rescue Me

    "Rescue Me is one of my favorite songs from the group Selah. I used the experience of some American soldiers who were deployed to Somalia in 1993 to try and restore order.
    Though its a Christian song that is heard throughout the video (and we do support non-violence), let us remember that there are Christians in nearly every army.
    I hope this video helps us to reflect on some of the dangers that soldiers throughout the world have to face, especially those in war torn countries. "

  • American Citizen Charged With Training in Somalia With Al Qaeda, Learning to Become Homicide Bomber, from Wednesday, February 14, 2007

  • "An indictment unsealed Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Houston charges Daniel Joseph Maldonado, 28, a.k.a Daniel Aljughaifi and Abu Mohammed, whose last known address was in Houston, with receiving training from a foreign terrorist organization and conspiring to use an explosive device outside the United States....
  • American JIHAD - Terrorist Cells Are Running Training Camps In The USA April 7, 2009 · carl · Print This Article

  • Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Ore. By WILLIAM McCALL, Associated Press William Mccall, Associated Press – 18 mins ago (Saturday, November 27th 2010)

  • "PORTLAND, Ore. – Federal agents in a sting operation arrested a Somali-born teenager just as he tried blowing up a van he believed was loaded with explosives at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, authorities said.
    The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said.
    Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. Friday just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would set off the blast but instead brought federal agents and police swooping down on him.
    Yelling "Allahu Akbar!" — Arabic for "God is great!" — Mohamud tried to kick agents and police after he was taken into custody, according to prosecutors.
    "The threat was very real," said Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon. "Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale,"
    The FBI affidavit that outlined the investigation alleges that Mohamud planned the attack for months, at one point mailing bomb components to FBI operatives, whom he believed were assembling the device.
    It said Mohamud was warned several times about the seriousness of his plan, that women and children could be killed, and that he could back out, but he told agents: "Since I was 15 I thought about all this;" and "It's gonna be a fireworks show ... a spectacular show."
    Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Corvallis, was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. A court appearance was set for Monday. Few details were available about him late Friday.
    Authorities allowed the plot to proceed in order to build up enough evidence to charge the suspect with attempt.
    Officials didn't say if the suspect had any ties to other Americans recently accused of trying to carry out attacks on U.S. soil, including alleged efforts in May by a Pakistan-born man to set off a car bomb near Times Square or another Pakistan-born Virginia resident accused last month in a bomb plot to kill commuters.
    U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton released federal court documents to The Associated Press and the Oregonian newspaper that show the sting operation began in June after an undercover agent learned that Mohamud had been in regular e-mail contact with an "unindicted associate" in Pakistan's northwest, a frontier region where al-Qaida and Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents are strong.
    The two used coded language in which the FBI believes Mohamud discussed traveling to Pakistan to prepare for "violent jihad," the documents said.
    In June an FBI agent contacted Mohamud "under the guise of being affiliated with" the suspected terrorist. But the documents did not say how federal officials first became aware of Mohamud.
    An undercover agent met with him a month later in Portland, where they "discussed violent jihad," according to the court documents.
    As a trial run, Mohamud and agents detonated a bomb in Oregon's backcounry earlier this month.
    "This defendant's chilling determination is a stark reminder that there are people — even here in Oregon — who are determined to kill Americans," Holton said.
    Friday, an agent and Mohamud drove to downtown Portland in a white van that carried six 55-gallon drums with detonation cords and plastic caps, but all of them were inert, the complaint states.
    They left the van near the downtown ceremony site and went to a train station where Mohamud was given a cell phone that he thought would blow up the vehicle, according to the complaint. There was no detonation when he dialed, and when he tried again federal agents and police made their mo.
    Omar Jamal, first secretary to the Somali mission to the United Nations, condemned the plot and urged Somalis to cooperate with police and the FBI.
    "Talk to them and tell them what you know so we can all be safe," Jamal said.
    Somalia Foreign Minister Mohamed Abullahi Omaar said his government is "ready and willing" to offer the U.S. any assistance it may need to prevent similar attempts. He said the attempt in Portland was a tragedy for Mohamud's family and the "people he tried to harm."
    "Mohamud's attempt is neither representative nor an example of Somalis. Somalis are peace loving people," said Omaar, whose government is holed up in a few blocks of the capital, Mogadishu, while much of the country's southern and central regions are ruled by Islamist insurgents.
    Tens of thousands of Somalis have resettled in the United States since their country plunged into lawlessness in 1991.
    U.S. authorities have been struggling against a recent spate of terror plans by U.S. citizens or residents.
    In the Times Square plot, Faisal Shazhad allegedly tried to set off a car bomb at a bustling street corner. U.S. authorities had no intelligence about Shahzad's plot until the smoking car turned up in Manhattan.
    Late last month, Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Virginia was arrested and accused of casing Washington-area subway stations in what he thought was an al-Qaida plot to bomb and kill commuters. Similar to the Portland sting, the bombing plot was a ruse conducted over the past six months by federal officials.
    And a year ago in another federal sting, 19-year-old Jordanian Hosam Smadi was arrested on charges he intended to bomb a downtown Dallas skyscraper. Federal officials said he placed what he believed was a car bomb outside the building but was instead a decoy device given him by an undercover FBI agent. ___
    Associated Press writer Malkhadir M. Muhumed contributed to this report from Nairobi, Kenya "

    Visitors to Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square surprised that bomb plot could happen here Published: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 10:43 AM Updated: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 12:03 PM James Mayer, The Oregonian James Mayer, The Oregonian
    "...The couple were in Pioneer Courthouse Square last night for the tree-lighting ceremony, and returned this morning to take pictures.
    "It did kind of scare us a little,” knowing a bomb could have gone off. There were a lot of people crowded into this area,” Bruce said.
    Portlanders gather for tree lighting, FBI thwarts bombing attempt Enlarge Torsten Kjellstrand, The Oregonian Portland, Oregon -- The FBI thwarted an attempted terrorist bombing in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square moments before the city's annual tree-lighting Friday night, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Oregon. Torsten Kjellstrand/The Oregonian Portlanders gather for tree lighting, FBI thwarts bombing attempt gallery (14 photos)
    "Pretty close to home, huh?” said Bill Gregory. “Makes you wonder if this is going on all over the country.”
    Some thanked the FBI and police for keeping the city safe.
    "It is scary. You don’t think of Portland as a center for anything like that,” said Holly Schauer, 35, of Portland. “Good for them for being on top of it. That’s how it’s supposed to work." ...

  • Official: Accused Ore. bomber has Minneapolis ties Associated Press Last update: November 27, 2010 - 2:02 PM

  • "PORTLAND, Ore. - A Somali-born teenager plotted "a spectacular show" of terrorism for months, saying he didn't mind that children would die if he bombed a crowded Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, according to a law-enforcement official and court documents.
    He never got the chance. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested Friday in downtown Portland after using a cell phone to try to detonate what he thought were explosives in a van, prosecutors said. It turned out to be a dummy bomb put together by FBI agents. Authorities said Mohamud was acting alone.
    The alleged plot followed a string of terrorist attack planning by U.S. citizens or residents, including a Times Square plot in which a Pakistan-born man pleaded guilty earlier this year to trying to set off a car bomb at a bustling street corner. Last month, another Pakistan-born Virginia resident was accused in a bomb plot to kill commuters.
    In the Portland plot, Mohamud was not being directed by any foreign terrorist organization, according to a law-enforcement official who wasn't authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on a condition of anonymity.
    The official said Mohamud was very committed to the plot and planned the details alone, including where to park the van to hurt the most people.
    "I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave dead or injured." Mohamud said, according to the affidavit.
    "It's in Oregon, and Oregon, like you know, nobody ever thinks about it," the suspect told an agent in one discussion.
    Thousands of people had gathered Friday on a cold, clear night for the annual event at Pioneer Courthouse Square, a plaza often referred to as "Portland's living room" because of its popularity.
    Just 10 minutes before Mohamud's 5:40 p.m. arrest, the lighting ceremony began. Babies sat on shoulders, and children cheered at the first appearance of Santa Claus onstage.
    The tree-lighting on the bricks of the plaza went off without a hitch just as the arrest was taking place....


  • Black Hawk Down

  • -Related Resources:
  • Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowde, a book in
  • This controversial movie at the time of release was definitely one-sided. We the "viewers" never get the sensitive perspective of the "good-side" of the Somolian people. Instead, we just get the "negative" bad-side of the unhumane, ruthless, warlord fighters of the Somolian "extreme-Muslim-rebellous" minority group. An "ignorant" viewer of this movie who never met a Somolian may stereotype these people as all "bad". I encourage all of us to "reach-out" to these people and get to know them. One (minnesotan) donesn't have to go far to meet them, God has brought these lovely people that He has created in our very own backyards!


  • Fear for My Life By Robert Kumpel , from Nov 21, 2001 (San Diego Reader)
  • "Col 1:27 Kuwaas Ilaah baa ku farxay inuu iyaga ogeysiiyo waxa ay tahay hodantinimada ammaanta qarsoodigan ee ku dhex jira quruumaha, kaas oo ah Masiixa idinku jira oo ah rajada ammaanta."


    "Somali Spiritual Laws"
    "This is the a simple presentation of a way to call upon God. It is in four simple steps, in Somali language. God loves Somali people.God has the answer for the problem of Somalia. He sent Jesus to bring human kind from darkness to eternal light.This gift shown in Jesus is the way to eternal life. Give Jesus a chance. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia. He has the answer in Jesus. "


  • Somalis For Jesus The Voice for the Voiceless
  • Economy

    Djiboutis Al Noor City is the Africas New York

    *see Science: Environmental-Oil


  • Somalia Flags
  • Somalia, flag - Vector clipart (vector image)
  • History

  • History of Somalia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "The rise of Marehan Sultanates and Dynasty of Adal & the Ethiopian Empire war
    Muslim Somalia enjoyed friendly relations with neighboring Christian Ethiopia for centuries. Despite jihad raging everywhere else in the Muslim world, Muhammad had issued a hadith proscribing Muslims from attacking Ethiopia (so long as Ethiopia was not the aggressor)[citation needed] , as it had sheltered some of Islam's first converts from persecution in modern-day Saudi Arabia. Parts of northwestern Somalia came under the rule of the Solomonic Ethiopian Kingdom in medieval times, especially during the reign of Amda Seyon I (r. 1314-1344). In 1403 or 1415 (under Emperor Dawit I or Emperor Yeshaq I, respectively) measures were taken against the Muslim Sultanate of Adal (located in present-day northwestern Somalia, southern Djibouti, and the Somali, Oromia, and Afar regions of Ethiopia, centered around first Zeila then Harar, and populated by both Somalis and Afars), a tributary kingdom that revolted and whose raids were disrupting rule in adjacent areas. His campaign was eventually successful, but took much longer than other campaigns at the time due to the tendency of Adal warriors to disappear into the countryside after fighting. In 1403 (or 1415), the Emperor eventually captured King Sa'ad ad-Din II in Zeila and had him executed, with the Walashma ruling family exiled to Yemen. The Walashma Chronicle, however, records the date as 1415, which would make the Ethiopian victor Emperor Yeshaq I. After the war, the reigning king had his minstrels compose a song praising his victory, which contains the first written record of the word "Somali". Ahmed Gurey monument in Mogadishu.
    The area remained under Ethiopian control for another century or so. However, starting around 1527 under the charismatic leadership of Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi (Gurey in Somali, Gragn in Amharic, both meaning "left-handed), Adal revolted and invaded Ethiopia. Regrouped Muslim armies with Ottoman support and arms marched into Ethiopia employing scorched earth tactics and slaughtered any Ethiopian who refused to convert from Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity to Islam[citation needed] ....

    History, from Info Please
    "Independence and Its Aftermath
    In accordance with UN decisions, Italian Somaliland, renamed Somalia, was granted internal autonomy in 1956 and independence in 1960. Britain proclaimed the end of its protectorate in June, 1960, and on July 1 the legislatures of the two new states created the United Republic of Somalia....

    Somaliland History 1960-1988

    "Somaliland History 1960-1988 "


  • Life-Saving Food Aid Commodities Bound for 8,000 Orphans and Others in Rwanda aboard Hijacked Vessel off Somalia By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Thursday, April 9, 2009

  • "BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (ANS) -- Life-saving food aid destined for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) programs in Rwanda is among the cargo of the Maersk Alabama, the ship hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia.
    According to a CRS media release, forty-nine containers aboard the ship hold 860 metric tons of bulgur wheat that are to be used by CRS relief workers for some of the poorest populations in Rwanda.
    The news release says: "The wheat will feed 8,000 of that country’s neediest people through two programs. One targets 5,600 of those considered most vulnerable -- people living with AIDS, orphans and those identified as significantly malnourished -- living in the southern district of Rwanda, one of its poorest areas.
    "The other program feeds 2,400 people throughout the county who receive food at safety net centers such as orphanages, old age homes and homes for the handicapped.
    "The wheat on board the hijacked vessel is a six-month supply for the programs. CRS hopes that the ship will now be able to make its way to its destination of Mombassa, Kenya as any interruption of the food supply for these vulnerable Rwandans could be critical to their health."
    The CRS news release adds: "CRS also prays for the safe return of Capt. Richard Phillips who is being held hostage by the pirates."
    Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community. The agency provides assistance to people in more than 100 countries and territories based on need, regardless of race, nationality or creed. For more information, please visit or "


  • English-Somali, terminology on body parts

  • *referred by Minnesota Literacy Council (see online course on Enlish-ESL Volunteering)
  • Somali language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • " a member of the East Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Its nearest relatives are Afar and Oromo. Somali is the best documented of the Cushitic languages,[1] with academic studies beginning before 1900...



    "God has the answer for the problem of Somalia. He sent Jesus to bring human kind from darkness to eternal light.This gift shown in Jesus is the way to eternal life. Give Jesus a chance. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia. He has the answer in Jesus. "

    Somali death burial Part 1

    " God has the answer for the problem of Somalia. Jesus has died the death so many Somalis are dying. The message of forgiveness is the base of the cross. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia.... God has the answer for the problem of Somalia. Jesus has died the death so many Somalis are dying. The message of forgiveness is the base of the cross. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia.. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia.Give Jesus a chance. He has the answer in Jesus. "


  • Somalia_19881, from
  • Free - 'Somalia' MAP Icon - Clip Art



    Exporting jihad

    "An American jihadi stars in a slick, al-Qaeda-inspired video calling for recruits to Somalia. CNN's Paula Newton reports."


  • Somali Christian Ministries

  • There are no clans in Christ
    "Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and those of you who may be reading this out of interest. I have been sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Somalis for more than a decade. What is the gospel? That Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and raised from the dead on the third day. The good news is that Jesus Christ died for our sins and if we believe in Him we will be saved...



  • Infoplease

  • ' Drought, Civil War and Anarchy
    Africa's worst drought of the century occurred in 1992, and, coupled with the devastation of civil war, Somalia was plunged into a severe famine that killed 300,000. U.S. troops were sent in to protect the delivery of food in Dec. 1992, and in May 1993 the UN took control of the relief efforts from the U.S. The warlord Mohamed Farah Aidid ambushed UN troops and dragged American bodies through the streets, causing an about-face in U.S. willingness to involve itself in the fate of this lawless country. The last of the U.S. troops departed in late March, leaving 19,000 UN troops behind...."

  • Somalia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "History
    The area has been continuously inhabited for the last 2,500 years by numerous and varied ethnic groups, some Afar or other Cushitic-speaking populations, and the majority Somalis. From the 1st century numerous ports including Hafun and Mosylon-Bandar Gori were trading with Roman and Greek sailors.
    The northwest was part of the Aksumite Empire from about the 3rd century to the 7th but between 700 CE and 1200 CE, Islam became firmly established, especially with the founding of Mogadishu in 900...
    Somalia has the distinction of being one of only a handful of African countries that are composed almost entirely of one ethnic group, the Somalis. Traditional bands like Waaberi Horseed have gained a small following outside the country. Others, like Maryam Mursal, have fused Somali traditional music with rock, bossa nova, hip hop, and jazz influences. Most Somali music is love oriented.
    Toronto, where a sizable Somali community exists, replaced Mogadishu (because of the instability) as the centre of the Somali music industry, which is also present in London, Minneapolis, and Columbus. One popular musician from the Somali diaspora is K'naan, a young rapper from Toronto, whose songs talk about the struggles of life in Somalia during the outbreak of the civil war....."


  • Somalia * Journal, from The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt

  • "...The land is desert with thorn bushes and herdsmen tending sheep, goats and camels. We were in the Northwest area of Somalia between Boorama and Hargeisa the 'capital'. In general the people were nice to us, but on the road with the cross the response was mixed. I would say one third were very responsive, glad to see me and very interested in the cross and the message of Jesus. One third seemed indifferent or unconcerned and one third very explosive, volatile people. Women especially, but men also screaming and waving in anger from cars, trucks, and buses along the road. At one road-block a crowd of men pushing and shoving the cross and shouting at me, but armed gunmen pushed them back and waved me on, not a smile. At another road-block one woman with a gun kicking the cross wheel and screaming, waving her gun. Other armed men restrained her but were also very angry. It was 'touch and go' as they debated my fate for a while. At last they let me carry the cross on....
    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..
  • Joshua Project-Somali of Somalia Ethnic People Profile

  • "Ten million Somali live scattered across eight countries in the northeastern portion of Africa, commonly called the "Horn of Africa," and in the Middle East. Over two million live in Ethiopia.
    The Somali share a common language, adhere to a single faith, and share a cultural heritage that is an integral part of their nomadic lifestyle. Their name is derived from the words, "so maal," which literally mean, "Go milk a beast for yourself!" To the Somali, this is actually a rough expression of hospitality.
    The Somali first appeared in the Horn of Africa around 1200 and began expanding westward and southward about 150 years later. They converted to Islam around 1550, under the influence of Arab traders that had settled along the coast of present-day Somalia. By 1650, they had moved into Ethiopia. ...


    -Hip Hop


  • The Official K'NAAN Website

  • myspace site
    K'NAAN Interview on Hot 97

    K'NAAN interview on "Real Late with Peter Rosenberg" on Hot 97, 4/26/09"
    K'naan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "..born Keinan Abdi Warsame (Somali: Keynaan Cabdi Warsame, Arabic: قينان عبدي ورسمه‎ Keynān ‘Abdī Warsamah) in 1978,[2] is a Somali-Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist...
    Born in Somalia,[3] K'naan spent his childhood in Mogadishu[4] and lived there during the Somali Civil War, which began in 1991. His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia's most famous singers.[5] K'naan's grandfather, Haji Mohammad, was a poet. He is Muslim,[6] and his name, Keinan, means "traveler" in the Somali language. He spent the early years of his life listening to the hip-hop records sent to him from America by his father, who had left Somalia earlier. When he was 13, K'naan, his mother, and his three siblings, older brother, Liban, and younger sisters Naciimo, and Sagal left their homeland and joined relatives in New York City, where they stayed briefly before moving to Canada, to the Toronto neighbourhood of Rexdale,[7] where there was a large Somali community and his family still resides.[8] There, K'naan began learning English, partly by listening to hip hop albums by artists like Nas and Rakim. Despite the fact that he could not yet speak the language, the young K'naan taught himself hip-hop and rap diction, copying the lyrics and style phonetically.[9] He then also began rapping.[10]
    While growing up in Rexdale, K'naan spent time in prison and lost many friends to murder, suicide, prison, and deportation.[11]
    He is married to Deqa, a pharmacy technician. They have two sons, born in 2005 and 2007...

    The Kickoff Concert

    "Like you were there yourself! Take the stage in Joahnessburg at the Kickoff Concert alongside K'NAAN., Bishop Desmond Tutu, Shakira, and a boatload of soccer fans light it up!"
    *see African: South African of South Africa
    Waivin' Flag Live at SXSW - NPR Showcase , from
    K'NAAN - the People's Anthem

    "#1 in 11 Countries. Over 20 Global Versions. "Wavin Flag Celebration Mix" truly is the People's Anthem. See K'NAAN perform LIVE as it all comes together when ABC broadcasts the Kick-Off Concert, this Friday, June 11th at 8PM ET (check local listings)."

  • MUSIC CODADKA IFTIINKA The Voices of Light, from

  • Daynille

  • Pictures of Somalia

    "Random pictures of Somalia and a Somali tradtion song with a twist of modern sound playing on the background. Enjoy it to the max!"
    Somolia Worship Music Video

    "This is the first of a series of Somalian worship music I got from a ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota-USA. I hope you enjoy it if you do or don't understand it. Please feel free to contact me the lyrics and English translation if you do understand it. Thanks and God bless! Milakim Salaam!"
    " Haye aan ammaanno
    Haye aan ammaanno
    Ilaahii na uuntay
    Haye aan ammaanno

    1. Wuu na eegayaayoo
    Na ilaaliyaaye
    Ilaahii na uuntay
    Haye aan ammaanno
    2. Indhihiiyo dhegaha
    Iyo afarta addin
    Isagaa na siiyee
    Haye aan ammaanno

    3. Waa ayaan wanaagsane
    Alla noo inshaaree
    Haye aan ammanno

    4. Alxamdulillaahi
    Inta aan nidhaahno
    Ilaaheenna fiican
    Haye aan ammaanno

    5. Intii Eraygiisa
    Addeecdoo rumaysa
    Wuu u abaal gudaayee
    Haye aan ammaanno

    6. Intii aammintoo dhan
    Inamuu ka yeelee
    Haye aan ammaanno

    7. Waa Wankii Ilaahoo
    Iinna aan lahayne
    Haye aan ammaanno

    8. Allabarigeenna
    Inuu noo ahaado
    Inan buu na siiyee
    Haye aan ammaanno

    9. Ibliiskiyo jinniga
    Isagaa ka adage
    Haye aan ammaanno

    "Joh 3:16 Ilaah intuu dunida jacayl u qabay ayuu siiyey Wiilkiisa keliya oo dhashay in mid kastoo isaga rumaystaa uusan lumin laakiinse uu lahaado nolosha weligeed ah. Joh 3:17 Ilaah Wiilka uguma soo dirin dunida inuu xukumo dunida, laakiin wuxuu u soo diray inay dunidu ku badbaaddo isaga. Joh 3:18 Kii isaga rumaystaa ma xukumna, laakiinse kii aan isaga rumaysan, hore ayaa loo xukumay, maxaa yeelay, wuxuusan rumaysan magaca Wiilka Ilaah oo keliya oo dhashay"

    2. DUCEEYA

    Somalia Music #2-Duceeya (Pray)

    "English translation can be found at...
    Thanks for the ministry in Minneapolis for providing this music to me and the ministry above based in Canada for the copyrights. Also the clipart from..."

    Duceeya, duceeya
    Dadkiiyow duceeya
    Duceeya, duceeya
    Dadkiiyow duceeya

    Deeqlaha ina uummay
    inuu dembigeenna
    Innaga wada daayo
    Dadkiiyow duceeya

    Duceeya, duceeya ....

    Masiixa la doortay
    Daruurta sideeda
    U soo degi doona
    Digriga ugu heesa

    Duceeya, duceeya ...

    Masiixa darteena
    Dhammaan dembigeenna
    Dushiisa ku qaatay
    Damiirka u sheega

    Duceeya, Duceeya ...

    Markay deldeleenna
    Dhiiggiisii u daatay
    Dadkiisa jacaylka
    Cadaab ka difaacay

    Duceeya, duceeya ...

    Midkii dunida oo dhan
    Iftiinka ku daaray
    Dabaaldeg u muuja
    Ammaan ugu deeqa
    Duceeya, duceeya ... La doona, la doona
    Dadkeenna la doona
    La doona, la doona
    Dadkeenna la doona
    Kitaabka la doona
    Injiilka la doona
    Wanaagga la doona
    Iftiinka la doona
    Duceeya, duceeya ... (3x)

    We get comments=>
    Subject: Fwd: check this out
    Sender: "Andrew "
    Recipient: Add contact
    Date: Today (Thursday, April 16th of 2009) 06:59
    " His Sal, here is a response from a secret Somali believer.

    "I love it:) we dont have such songs in youtube:) am very very glad to have dem:D"

    Keep us the Lord's work. "


    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ilaahay baa sheegayoo
    Ereygu been maaha oo
    Inanka kii diidayow
    Ayaantii way dhowdahoo
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa

    Eebbe wuxuu diiday buu
    Eebbe wuxuu diiday buu
    Uunka yidhi daaya oo
    Eedda wuu nici jiroo
    Waa ammaan inaan xusnoo
    Ayaantii way dhowdahoo
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa

    Ummadda wuu doonayoo
    Ummadda wuu doonayoo
    Wuu asxaan fali jiroo
    Addimo kaan haysan buu
    Orod yidhoo socon jiroo
    Ayaantii way dhowdahoo
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa

    Kii indhaha waayey buu
    Kii indhaha waayey buu
    Aragtidiisa u furoo
    Waa Amiirkii runta oo
    Aayado muujiyoo
    Ayaantii way dhowdahoo
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa

    Waa albaabkii jannada
    Waa albaabkii jannada
    Kii muftaaxa u ahoo
    Kii inkiray baa lumoo
    Naarta ku asqoobayoo
    Ayaantii way dhowdahoo
    Ciise wuu imanayaa
    Ciise wuu imanayaa


    Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Adaan ku baahannahaye
    Noo bishaaree

    1. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Ba'aa lagu sheegay aakhiro
    Naga badbaadi

    2. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Qiyaamaha baaska yaallaa
    Naga badbaadi

    3. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Xisaab ba'an baa la sheegee
    Naga badbaadi

    4. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Adaan boqorow ku barinee
    Naga badbaadi

    5. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Belaayada taal aduunyada
    Naga badbaadi

    6. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Inaan baadiyowno Eebbow
    Naga badbaadi

    7. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    naan bidciyowno Eebbow
    Naga badbaadi

    8. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Masiixa inaan ka baydhnaa
    Naga badbaadi

    9. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Bakhti iyo booli iyo been
    Naga badbaadi

    10. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Bushi iyo baahi iyo ceeb
    Naga badbaadi

    11. Ilaah aan baahane
    Loo baahan yahayow
    Baybalkoo aan ka boodnaa
    Naga badbaadi

    Ilaah aan baahane ... (3x)


    Raxmaankeygaan jecelahay
    Riyaan ku arkay isaga
    Rubadku wuu ii farxaa
    Malaa'igo ruxubo ah baa
    Raabraabo u soo degoo
    Runtii bay ku heesayaan
    Ilaahay waa Raxiim (2x)

    Rajaan la farxaa anigu
    Risiq Eebbaan cunaa
    Rafaad weligay ma galo
    Oo jannada Rooxada ku taal
    Ayaan ku riyaaqayoo
    Raxmad Eebbaan fishaa
    Ilaahay waa Raxiim

    Ruuxaan ka samaysanahay
    Rabbuuna xaggii ka yimid
    Ramaadkiyo doogga baxa
    Caanaha ramadka ee la dhamo
    Raaxada hurdada ee la tago
    Casiiskaa inoo rakibay
    Ilaahay waa Raxiim


    Rabbi baa awood leh
    Aayo iyo khayr badan
    Ilwaad iyo sharaf leh ee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Rabbi baa adkaan leh
    Caqli aan go'ayn iyo
    Ilays aan damayn leh ee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Adduunkuu badbaadshoo
    Dembigeennii awgii
    Isagaa u iishee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Ibliiskiyo Jinnigaa
    Aadanaha lumiyaa
    Isagaa ka adagee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Ninkii Ruuxa aammina
    Rabbigiis addeecaa
    Axdi baa u yaallee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Kii amarka raacee
    Ilaahii rumeeyaa
    Axdi baa u yaallee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    Arxankeennii weeyaan
    Ayaan Eebbe weeyaan
    Aakhiriyo adduunkee
    Kaalaya aan ammaannee

    7. BAAQIGA EEBBOW Baaqiga Eebbow
    Dunida beeray
    Ballan ku sheegay
    Ka baaqan maayo

    Buuraha korkooda
    Haddaan bil joogo
    Barafku i garaacana
    Beenbeenin maayo

    Baaqiga Eebbow ...

    Boqol sano
    Haddaan ban joogo
    Beer iyo xooliyo
    Bilcanba waayana
    Beenbeenin maayo

    Baaqiga Eebbow ...

    Haddii lay bireeyo
    Badna laygu tuuro
    Budh layla dhacana
    Beenbeenin maayo

    Baaqiga Eebbow ...

    Haddii aan baahdo
    Beeso aan waayana
    Beenbeenin maayo

    Baaqiga Eebbow ...

    Bugta i haysa
    Beerka i xanuunjin
    Isaga i baanto
    Iga bogsiiya
    Beenbeenin maayo

    Baaqiga Eebbow ... (2x)


    Qoraalku sidii uu yidhi
    Qoraalku sidii uu yidhi
    Qiyaas Rabbi baa u dhigan
    Intaan Ifku qaybsamin
    Qudhiinuna taagan tahay
    Qayaamuhu aanu dhicin

    Ilaahay maad qirtaan
    Qawlkiisa rumaysataan
    Ilaahay maad qirtaan
    Qawlkiisa rumaysataan
    Quruumaha dunida jira
    Quruumaha dunida jira
    Inkastoo quwodo is bidaan
    Mar baa laga qaban naftoo
    Dhammaan laga qaadayaayee
    ntaydaan wada qallalin

    Ilaahay maad qirtaan ...

    Qaynuunku sidii uu yidhi
    Qaynuunku sidii uu yidhi
    Ducada kii aan qadderin
    Salaaddana qiimo siin
    Qaadirka uma tegi karo
    Kii oon Sayidka u qasdiyin

    Ilaahay maad qirtaan ...


    Dembigaan galeyniyo
    Waxaan geysannoo idil
    Giddi waan ka beyrnoo
    Xaqii baanu garannaye (2x)

    Guulow Allahayow
    Goor iyo ayaanba
    Gacmahaaga noo fidi (2x)

    Golihii Iblayskiyo
    Gudcurkii inaanan
    Ugu noqon gadaalbuu
    Naga yahay go'aankee (2x)

    Guulow Allahayow ... (2x)

    Nimcadaada guud iyo
    Kuwaan garan Injiiljka
    Inuu Erayga gaaraan
    U gallaa socdaalkee (2x)

    Guulow Allahayow ... (2x)

    Gabbalkii dhacaayiyo
    Waagi soo guduutaba
    Noogu deeq gargaarkiyo
    Raxmaddaada gaarka ah

    Guulow Allahayow ... (2x)


    Waxaan ahay dembiile
    Waxaan ahay dembiile
    Dunuubtii aan falay baa
    Dunuubtii aan falay baa
    Lagugu qodbay iskutallaabtee Daraaddeed Laguugu qodbay iskutallaabtee

    Waxaan ahay dembiile
    Waxaan ahay dembiile
    Dulmigaan sameey baa
    Dulmigaan sameey baa
    Laguugu qodbay Iskutallaabtee
    Laguugu qodbay Iskutallaabtee

    Waxaan helay dembidhaafka
    Waxaan helay dembidhaafka
    Nolol daa'im ah inaan helo
    Nolol daa'im ah inaan helo
    Laguugu qodbay iskutallaabtee
    Laguugu qodbay iskutallaabtee

    Waxaan ahay adeegahaaga
    Waxaan ahay adeegahaaga
    Dembidhaafka inaad i siisa
    Dembidhaafka inaad i siisa
    Laguugu qodbay iskutallaabtee
    Laguugu qodbay iskutallaabtee


    Haddii dadku ila tashado ee
    Kuwii oon iga tegin
    Tilmaan baan siin lahaayoo
    Tibaax baan u jeedin lahaayoo
    Xaqaana tis qaadi lahaa (2x)

    Talada aan odhan lahaa
    Wax weyn bay tari lahayd
    Hadday Sayidka u tagaanoo
    Toobadda Rabbi raacayaan
    Hadday Sayidka u tagaanoo
    Toobadda Rabbi raacayaan (2x)

    Haddii dadku uu wax tebo oo
    Ku taamaan inay helaan
    Tayey ka rajaynayaan oo
    Inay tiiraanyadiyo
    Xanuunkuba kaga tagaan (2x)

    Inay tubta roon maraan
    Wax weyn bay tari lahayd
    Hadday Sayidka u tagaanoo
    Toobadda Rabbi raacayaan
    Hadday Sayidka u tagaanoo
    Toobadda Rabbi raacayaan (2x)


    Gu ul low Ilaahow
    Adigaa noo gargaara
    Guullow Ilaahow
    Adigaa noo gargaara

    Galab iyo subaxba
    Adigaa noo gargaara
    Gelin horiyo gelin dambeba
    Adigaa noo gargaara

    Guulow Ilaahow ...

    Gigta waaberigaan
    Gurigaaga gallaa
    Gacmahoo fidsan baan
    Ku soo hoos goglaynaa

    Guulow Ilaahow ...

    Gabbalkoo dhacay baan
    Ku garwaaqsanaynaa
    Girgire foox ka buuxaan
    Kuula soo gelaynaa

    Guulow Ilaahow ...

    Gabay iyo madiix baan
    Kuula soo gurmannaa
    Gacantoo fidsan baan
    Kugu magangelaynaa

    Guulow Ilaahow ... (2x)

    13. XALAY BAAN

    Xalay baan Masiixii arkoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    1. Xumaantaydii buu u dhintoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    2. Xinjirtiisii buu igu dhaqoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    3. Dembigaygii buu xalayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    4. Geeriduu ka xoog badiyoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey
    5. Xabaashuu ka soo baxayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    6. Xertiisii ayaaaragtoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    7. Xaqiiqdii ayaan helayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    8. Ibliiskii ayuu xabbisoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    9. Cadaabtii xor baan ka ahoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    10. Iimaankaygii baa xasiloo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    11. Xumaantoo dhan buu iga tiroo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    12. Kitaabkiisii baan xafidoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    13. Xalaal quudataan ahayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    14. Xariggii Ibliiska jaroo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    15. Xabiibkii Allaan noqdayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    16. Quduus kay xiriirinayoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    17. Xaakinkaan xusuusanahoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    18. Jannadaan la soo xarmadoo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey

    19. Lay xisaabin maayo berroo
    Xamdi baygu waajibayeey


    Ciise waa Masiix
    Waa Markhaati run ah
    Maalintuu yimaad
    Inta moog ayaa
    Murugo iyo dhib qabaa

    Magaciisa baa
    Dembi maydhayoo
    Maamuus runuu
    Ku mutaystay sharaf
    Waana muran la'aan

    Ciise waa Masiix ...

    Dhakhtar maadiyo
    Midhka uu yidhaa
    Loo mabsuudayoo
    Ifka oo mugdi ah
    Maalin buu ka dhigay

    Ciise waa Masiix ...


    Nabar aan dawo lahayn
    Oo lala nusqaamiyo
    Naf go'doo xabaalani
    Nuurkii adduunkow
    Naruuradaada qaaliga ah
    Nimcadaada wax naga sii (2x)

    Markii aan nuglaannee
    Niyadda naga xumaatee
    Qalbigu naafo gaadho
    Ciise nuurkii dunidow
    Naruuradaada qaaliga ah
    Nimcadaada wax naga sii (2x)

    Adaa nacabka Shayddaan
    Ee qalbiga negida ku ahaa
    Niyadda iiga saaroo
    Naarta iga xoreeyee
    Kuwa naca xambaarsanee
    Aan garan nasteexada
    Nimcadaada gaarsii (3x)

    Somali Worship Music Video-"LET US PRAISE"

    "Let us praise,
    let us praise
    the God who created us for himself.
    Let us praise him.

    1. He is watching
    and protecting us,
    The God who created us,
    Let us praise him.

    2. The eyes, ears
    and both legs and arms,
    He gave us
    Let us praise him

    3. It is a good day,
    God has chosen for us,
    Let us praise him.

    4. ‘Thanks be to God’,
    as we say,
    our good God,
    Let us praise him.

    5. His Word, those who
    faithfully obey and believe him,
    He will reward them,
    Let us praise him.

    6. All Those who trust Him,
    He has made them His children,
    Let us praise him.

    7. He is the Lamb of God,
    who has no blemish,
    Let us praise Him.

    8. Our sacrifice
    to become acceptable
    he gave us his Son,
    Let us praise Him.

    9. Lucifer and his demons
    He is more powerful than them,
    Let us praise Him.


    Pray, pray,
    believers pray!
    Pray, pray,
    believers pray!

    The Generous One who created us,
    that our sin,
    he will completely forgive,
    Oh people (believers) pray.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ...

    The chosen Messiah,
    who like the cloud,
    will descend to earth,
    sing to him a hymn.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ...

    Because of us the Messiah,
    all of our sins,
    he took upon Himself,
    tell this to your conscience.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ...

    When they crucified Him,
    His blood was shed,
    for His beloved people.
    He saved them from hell.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ...

    The One, who over all the universe,
    lit the light,
    celebrate Him,
    and give Him glory.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ...

    Help, help,
    help our people to get ...
    Help, help,
    help our people to get ...

    Help them to get the holy book.
    Help them to get the Gospel.
    Help them to get what is good,
    Help them to get the light.

    Pray, pray, believers pray ... (3x)


    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming,
    God has spoken it
    and his word is not false.
    Those who reject the Son should be careful
    for the day is near.
    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming.

    What God forbid,
    what God forbid,
    and said to people , ‘don’t do it’
    He hates blaming,
    it’s great to remember Him,
    the day is near.
    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming.

    He wanted the people,
    He wanted the people,
    He used to be kind.
    To the one who was lame,
    He said: ‘walk’ and he did.
    The day is near,
    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming.

    To the blind one,
    to the blind one,
    he gave his sight,
    He is the Prince of truth,
    who worked miracles,
    the day is near
    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming.

    To the door of heaven,
    to the door of heaven,
    He is the key.
    He who denies him is lost,
    and will be forever (or confused) in hell,
    the day is near.
    Jesus is coming,
    Jesus is coming.


    God, you have no need
    but you are needed,
    God, you have no need
    but you are needed,
    We need you,
    give us a good news.

    1. God, you have no need
    but you are needed.
    The destruction at the last day,
    save us from it.

    2. God, you have no need
    but you are needed.
    The terrible judgement day,
    rescue us from it.

    3. God, you have no need
    but you are needed.
    A hard judgement has been foretold,
    rescue us from it.

    4. God, you have no need
    but you are needed.
    We beg you, oh King,
    save us from it.

    5. God, you have no need
    but you are needed.
    The disasters in the world,
    save us from them.

    6. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    For us to get lost, oh God.
    protect us from it..

    7. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    For us to become heretics, oh God,.
    protect us from that..

    8. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    That we will turn away from the Messiah,.
    protect us from it.

    9. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    From unlawful things, looted goods, and lies,.
    save us from them.

    10. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    From sickness, hunger and shame,.
    save us from them.

    11. God, you have no need .
    but you are needed..
    That we will trespass the Bible,.
    save us from it.

    God, you have no need ... (3 x)


    I love my Merciful One..
    I saw him in a dream..
    My heart rejoices within me,.
    as I see bands of angles .
    descending in small groups.
    while singing the truth that.
    God is merciful. (2x)

    I rejoice in hope.
    and live by the provisions of God..
    never entering distress..
    The heaven with the beautiful Roha plants with their fruits .
    I am overjoyed in it,.
    and continually expect for myself the blessings of God.
    God is merciful. (2x)

    I am made of Spirit.
    that came from God..
    The fresh and green grass,.
    the milk of the livestock to enjoy,.
    and the pleasure of the sleep at night.
    have been bestowed on us by the Exalted One. .
    God is merciful. (2x)


    The Lord is powerful, .
    a good future and much prosperity, .
    Beauty and honor belong to Him. .
    Let us come together and praise him.

    The Lord is victorious, .
    Has infinite wisdom and .
    unending light. .
    Let us come together and praise him.

    He saved the world, .
    because of our sins. .
    he died .
    Let us come together and praise him.

    Lucifer and his demons .
    who lead people astray .
    He is more powerful than them. .
    Let us come together and praise him

    He who trusts in the Spirit .
    and obeys His Lord .
    will have a promise (covenant) . .
    Let us come together and praise him

    He who obeys the instructions .
    and believes his God, .
    will have a promise (covenant)..
    Let us come together and praise him

    He is our Kind One, .
    it is a day of God, .
    both in heaven and on earth, .
    let us come together and praise him


    The immortal God .
    who created the world.
    gave you a covenant .
    that will never fail..

    On top of the mountains,.
    if I stay for a month .
    with snow falling on me, .
    I will not deny .
    my Saviour. .

    The immortal God ...

    For a hundred years,.
    if I stay in the desert, .
    without a farm, livestock.
    and wife, .
    I will not deny.
    my Saviour. .

    The immortal God ...

    If I am slaughtered.
    thrown into the sea.
    and beaten with a club,.
    I will not deny .
    my Saviour.

    The immortal God ...

    If I am hungry
    and I have no money,
    I will never deny
    my Saviour.

    The immortal God ...

    When I am sick
    and have pain in my liver,
    He treats me
    and heals me from it.
    I will never deny
    my Saviour .

    The immortal God ... (2x)


    The Scriptures say,
    the Scriptures say:
    There is a special time fixed by God.
    Before the world is judged,
    while you are still alive,
    and Doomsday has not come yet,

    why don’t you confess God
    and believe in His Word.
    Why don’t you confess God
    and believe in His Word.

    The nations in the world,
    the nations in the world,
    even though they think they are mighty,
    one day their life will be taken from them,
    and all of them will die,
    so before you all dry up,

    why don’t you confess God ....

    As the Instructions (Law)1 said,
    as the Instructions (Law) said:
    The one who doesn’t value intercession,
    nor gives priority to prayer,
    will not see the Almighty,
    if his aim is not the Lord.

    Why don’t you confess God ...


    All the sins we committed,
    and all evil we have done,
    we turn away from them all,
    as we have understood the Truth. (2x)

    Oh victorious God,
    everyday and always
    stretch out your helping hands to us. (2x)

    Satan’s chamber,
    and darkness - we won’t
    go back into them,
    this is our firm decision. (2x)

    Oh victorious God ... (2x)

    That your general grace
    for those who don’t know the Gospel
    and that the Word will reach them,
    We enter the journey. (2x)

    Oh victorious God ... (2x)

    Every dusk
    and every dawn,
    generously give us your support and
    your special, and tender mercy. (2x)

    Oh victorious God ... (2x)


    I am a sinner.
    I am a sinner.
    The sin I have committed,
    The sin I have committed,
    because of it
    you were nailed to the cross,
    because of it
    you were nailed to the cross.

    I am a sinner.
    I am a sinner.
    The evil I have done,
    The evil I have done,
    because of it,
    you were nailed to the cross,
    because of it,
    you were nailed to the cross.

    I have received the forgiveness.
    I have received the forgiveness.
    For me to receive eternal life,
    For me to receive eternal life,
    was the reason why
    you were nailed to the cross,
    was the reason why
    you were nailed to the cross.

    I am Your servant.,
    I am Your servant.
    To grant me the forgiveness,
    To grant me the forgiveness,
    was the reason why
    you were nailed to the cross,
    was the reason why
    you were nailed to the cross.


    If the people consult with me,
    without leaving me,
    I would give them direction,
    and give them a suggestion,
    and present to them the right way.[2x]

    The advice I would give,
    would be very useful for them,
    if they go to the Lord,
    and follow the repentance of God,
    if they go to the Lord,
    and follow the repentance of God.[2x]

    If the people miss something and
    are eager to find it,
    they are expecting something of quality,
    to overcome grief and
    leave the pain.[2x]

    To follow the right path,
    it would be very useful for them,
    if they go to the Lord and
    follow the repentance of God,
    if they go to the Lord and
    follow the repentance of God.[2x]


    Oh victorious God,
    you always help us.
    Oh victorious God,
    you always help us.

    In the evening and the morning,
    you help us.
    During the first and the last part of the day,
    you are our support.

    Oh victorious God ...

    At the break of the dawn,
    we come into your house.
    Our outstretched hands,
    we submit to you in prayer.

    Oh victorious God ...

    When night falls,
    we acknowledge you.
    With a smoking incense burner,
    we come into your presence.

    Oh victorious God ...

    With poems and praises,
    we come to you.
    Under Your outstretched hand,
    we find refuge.

    Oh victorious God ... (2x)


    Last night I saw the Messiah,
    I must give praise.

    1. He died for my sins,
    I must give praise.

    2. He washed me with His blood,
    I must give praise.

    3. He cleansed my sins,
    I must give praise.

    4. He defeated death,
    I must give praise.

    5. He came out of the grave,
    I must give praise.

    6. His disciples saw Him,
    I must give praise.

    7. I found the truth,
    I must give praise.

    8. He imprisoned Lucifer,
    I must give praise.

    9. I am free from hell,
    I must give praise.

    10. My faith is stable,
    I must give praise.

    11. He wiped out all my evils
    I must give praise.

    12. I learned his Gospel by heart,
    I must give praise.

    13. I am an honest breadwinner,
    I must give praise.

    14. I have cut the relationship with Lucifer,
    I must give praise.

    15. I became the beloved one of God,
    I must give praise. 16. I am led by the Holy Spirit,
    I must give praise.

    17. I remember the Judge,
    I must give praise.

    18. I prepared myself for heaven,
    I must give praise.

    19. I shall not be judged tomorrow,
    I must give praise.


    Jesus is the Messiah,
    He is a true witness.
    On the day He comes,
    those who don’t acknowledge Him,
    will face trouble and sorrow.

    In His name is
    the cleansing of sin.
    True respect,
    he deserved by living honourably,
    and there is no doubt about it.

    Jesus is the Messiah .....

    The doctor over nature,
    speaks the word
    over which people rejoice.
    The world in dark night,
    he turned into bright day.

    Jesus is the Messiah ...


    An incurable wound
    that greatly weakens (the one who sustained it) and
    to the dead and buried,
    He is the Life-giver.
    Oh light of the world,
    from your precious blessings
    and your grace, give us something. (2x)

    When we are weak
    and discouraged,
    and our hearts are wounded,
    You are the One who has mercy upon us.
    Jesus, light of the world,
    from your precious blessings
    and your grace, give us something. (2x)

    Our enemy the devil,
    who had settled in my heart,
    you drove him out
    and rescued me from hell.
    Those who carry around with them hatred
    and do not understand your counsel,
    Bestow upon them your grace. (3x)


  • Somali militants chase Christians who've fled , Posted: 3 September, 2010

  • "Ethiopia (MNN) ― After months of evading his pursuers, they finally caught up with him.
    Voice of the Martyrs Canada confirms that on August 21, Islamic militants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia found Mohamed Ali Garas, a prominent Somali church leader and convert from Islam, and beat him severely.
    Five years ago, Garas fled his Somali homeland. VOMC's Greg Musselman says Garas he sought refuge in Ethiopia because "he was involved in church work there as a pastor. Attempts were made on his life. He's been threatened, he's been arrested."
    On the night he was attacked, he was walking home when he heard two men calling his name. He turned to see what they wanted, and they attacked, fleeing only when a neighbor arrived on the scene. Although the beating was severe, Garas survived.
    The attack itself is unsettling, explains Musselman because "they [extremists] are not just leaving it back home; they're taking it wherever they find these people that have converted to Christ from an Islamic background."
    This incident shows that the persecution is not contained within Somalia's borders. For al Shabaab, they're ramping up to an all-out war meant to eradicate Christianity. ...

    *see African-Ethiopian of Ethiopia Outreach
  • Muslim fanatics execute more Somali believers Posted: 2 September, 2009

  • "Somalia (MNN) ― At the end of July, Open Doors USA reported a surge of persecution against believers in Somalia. A report from Words of Hope shares the same tone.
    "Muslim fanatics recently brutally executed Somali believers from several places," shared a Somali language partner in the Words of Hope prayer alert. "Please pray for peace and security in Somalia and for God's comfort, strengthening and protection of His little flock there, including recently orphaned children."
    The primary religion of Somalia is Islam, with most Somali adhering to the Sunni Muslim faith. Christians comprise a mere 0.05 percent of the population, and evangelism is discouraged. Only a handful of believers remain in Somalia and need your prayers for perseverance.
    "Pray that He would bless the Somali Gospel radio messages, and like Saul of Tarsus, He would change the stone-hearted into servants of Christ," requested the language partner.
    According to the BBC, free countries have hesitated to get involved after seeing the harvest Ethiopia reaped for its 2006 intervention. In that year, Ethiopa intervened to prevent the spread of fundamentalist Islam in Africa, and it has since suffered daily attacks. More than a million people are internally displaced, and thousands have fled the country.
    Please pray also for these believers to have courage to share the Gospel, despite fierce persecution and the threat of execution. Pray that Words of Hope Gospel radio broadcasts would soften hard hearts and transform lives in Somalia. If you'd like to support the ministry of Words of Hope, click here. "

  • THE PERSECUTED CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN SOMALIA Written by Administrator from Somali Mission

    "The Christian people of Kenya, the closest and most friendly neighbor of Somalia know very little or nothing at all about the existence of Somali Christians. What do you think the world wide Christian family knows about the underground church of Somalia? Very few international Christian missions know about it, and even some of them, with their own reasons, prefer and support the Muslim fundamentalist Somalis who persecute the Somali believers.
    Why is the Christian church seemingly not sustainable in Somalia? What is happening to the church in Somalia? Why does it appear that the Kingdom of God cannot be established among the Somalis? Are the Somalis not included in the Great Commission of our Lord? Why the great world Christian family apparently does not care about the suffering of the Somali church? These are the questions, which motivated me to undertake and write this research paper. But before we try to answer these questions, we will look at a brief history of the church development in Somalia.
    1. The early missions and missionaries
    In 1886 a French Roman Catholic mission setup a mission base and established a school at the port town of Berbera in the then British protectorate of Somaliland. (Isse 1974) About the same time the Franciscan mission of the Roman Catholic Church and the Swedish Overseas Lutheran Mission each setup a mission base in Mogadishu and Kismayo towns respectively. Soon the harvest was plenty and the church was growing rapidly.
    About ten year later when Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan, the insurgent Muslim fundamentalist leader whom the British called the Mad Mullah of Somaliland arrived at Berbera town. There was a Somali church with hundreds of members, mainly young people and children in the boarding school. One day Sayid Mohamed met two of the Christian children; one of them was wearing a wooden cross around his neck and talked to them.
    “Are you Somalis?” He asked them.
    “Yes, we are Somalis.” They answered.
    “Tell me your names?”
    “My name is John and this is my friend James.” Said one of the children.
    “Are you not Muslims?” Sayid Mohamed enquired, while stripping off forcefully the cross necklace from the boy’s neck.
    “No, we are not, we are Christians.” Said the second young boy with awe. (Isse 1974)
    Sayid Mohamed left the boys very angry and swearing that he will fight with the Christians without reservation.
    Ioan M. Lewis, a professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics wrote: “The sheikh come into contact with the French Roman Catholic mission, which had opened a station in the north of the protectorate in 1891. This was originally at Berbera, but had now moved to Daimole, inland the road towards Sheikh. The story goes on that Sheikh Muhammad met a boy at the mission school and asked him his name. To his amazement and wrath, the boy replied, ‘John Abdullahi’. An other account relates the Sheikh met a party of boys from the mission who when he asked what clan they belong to – the stock Somali inquiry to elicit someone’s identity- replied, ‘the clan of the fathers.’ (In Somali, reer fadder), thus apparently denying their Somali identity (many of the boys were actually orphans).” (Lewis 1980,67).
    Sayid Mohammed aroused the modern Muslim fundamentalism in Somaliland and later founded his Dervish insurgent organization. Few decades later the church was declining. Its members either Martyred, denied their faith and turned to Islam or exiled from the country.
    The Swedish Overseas Lutheran Mission, the first Christian mission expedition arrived at Kismayo portal town in 1880s and setup a mission station there. Soon they expanded their mission work to Margarita (Jamame) Mugambo and Alexandra (Jilib) and other places. They started clinics and schools as well as a church. Then Jubbaland region was part of British Kenya. The Swedish Mission worked among and preached the Gospel to the Somali clans and the Bantu plantation workers. They faced not limitations and enjoyed the British protection. The church grew tremendously. Few decades later there was a church with hundreds of Somali members.
    The church at Kismayo and Margarita continued to grow until Jubbaland was divided into two parts and Jubba river valley was annexed to the Italian Somali protectorate. Then the Italians expelled the Swedish Lutheran Mission from Somalia, and the church property was either taken over by the Roman Catholic Church or destroyed by the Somali Muslims. Persecution and church collapse occurred in the wake of the Lutheran mission expulsion. Although Jubba valley was until recently where most Somali Christians in Somalia lived, that church is gone forever....
    2. Negligence by the missionaries
    ...The following factors concerning missions and missionaries affected the sustainability of the Christian Church in Somalia. - The divisions and disagreements of missions and missionaries contributed to the already existing clan and individual interest base divisions of the Somali Christian community; - Each and every mission or missionary wants to get and keep few Somalis as their trophy of mission success. This kind of mentality created competition among the missions and made the Somali believers’ opportunists who seek only the best place where they can get more material gains. The missions at last find themselves in a very difficult dilemma either to continue buying the Somali believers or abandoning their mission work among the Somalis which both end up in a harsh reality, i.e. total failure of their mission objectives; - Because of being afraid of losing the Somali believer missionaries always fail to take disciplinary action against the bad behaviors of the Somali believers, this led the Somali believers not to give much attention to the spiritual and moral matters including church attendance, confession of sins, the Holy Communion, catechism and Bible classes, prayer, etc; - Missionaries do not give much attention what I can call the foundation of a sustainable church, which are the women and the minors. Missions usually support single male adults, who are mostly interest minded; - Most missions start their mission work among the Somalis without research, study and proper planning; - Mission’s lack of consultation with the Somali believers. Some missionaries consider themselves as if they know the Somali people and culture better than the Somalis themselves; this leads to cultural conflicts; - While missionaries are trying to avoid creating financial dependence, they completely neglect the suffering poor Somali believers.

    The Overcomers (Somalia - December 2008)

    "A 25 year old charity worker in Somalia who converted from Islam to Christianity was murdered by Islamic Militants."
  • Islamic Extremists Kill another Christian in Somalia Fourth Christian Martyred in Somalia in the Last Six Months By Jeremy Reynalds Correspondent for ASSIST News Service Tuesday, April 29, 2008

  • "WASHINGTON, D.C. (ANS) -- Islamic extremists have shot and killed a Muslim convert to Christianity.
    According to a news release from the Washington, D.C. based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC), the slaying occurred on April 22 in Baidawa, a town 149 miles from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.
    The 29-year-old victim�s name was David Abdulwahab Mohamed Ali.
    ICC filled in some of the horrifying details. On April 22, one of Ali�s cousins took two other members of the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab to Ali and asked him if he was a Muslim or an infidel. He answered, �Neither.�
    They asked, "Then what are you?"
    He answered, �Waxaan ahay Masiixi,� which means, �I am a follower of the Messiah.�
    ICC said that at this point Ali�s cousin became both furious and humiliated. In Somalia�s strict Muslim society, Ali�s conversion to Christianity brought enormous shame on his family. His cousin�s first response was to pull out a gun and shoot Ali. The other two extremists did the same, and the three continued shooting Ali until their Muslim �honor� had been avenged.
    Ali had been living in Ethiopia since 2000 when he traveled to Somalia this April to visit his family.
    ICC reported he came to Christ in 1995, in Yemen, where he was living as a refugee. In 2000, Ali�s friend, Mohammed Omer Haji, was sentenced to death by the government of Yemen for his faith in Christ. Haji was able to take refuge in New Zealand.
    However, Ali had to flee Yemen and move to Ethiopia because Yemeni authorities were looking for him also.
    According to ICC, Ali was a gifted evangelist who led many to the Lord, actively sharing his faith through blogs. He was also a linguist and a philosopher whom some Somalis called �The Great Thinker.�
    ICC reported that Islamic extremists have recently intensified their attacks against Christians in Somalia. In the past six months, four Christians, including Ali, have been martyred for their faith.
    ICC said the attacks against Christians in Somalia are carried out by a group called Al-Shabab, an Al-Qaeda linked militant group. Al-Shabab is fighting to establish an Islamic state in Somalia, ruled by Sharia law, and is on the United States� list of terrorist organizations.
    ICC spoke with a leading Somali Christian who urged the international community to condemn what he called the �genocide-in-the-making� that the Church in Somalia is facing.
    ICC said the Somali Christian expressed his fear that �less than three percent of the Somali population is Christian, and we (the Christians) could be eliminated in this generation by the Muslim violence if the massacre is not stopped now.�
    ICC�s regional manager for Africa, Darara Gubo, said in a news release, �The deadly Jihad against Christians continues, and Christians in Somalia need our help and support. Please don�t forget our brothers and sisters in Somalia.�
    To learn more about the needs of Somali Christians, go to "


    K'Naan on Somali Pirates -There is a reason why this started

    " sat down with K'Naan to talk about what is going on in Somalia with the Somali Pirates. K'Naan explains the other side of the story which is being neglected by the mainstream media. K'Naan also stopped by our studios to perform "Somalia" which is one of the new tracks on his new album Troubadour. His also spit a freestyle and sat down for a lengthy interview. Tune in next week for more videos from K'Naan!"
    US ship reaches Kenya minus kidnapped captain, By ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY and KATHARINE HOURELD, Associated Press Writers Elizabeth A. Kennedy And Katharine Houreld, Associated Press Writers – 50 mins ago ( Saturday, April 11th of 2009
    "MOMBASA, Kenya – Nineteen American sailors who escaped a pirate hijacking off the Horn of Africa reached safe harbor on Saturday, exhilarated by freedom but mourning the absence of the captain they hailed for sacrificing his freedom to save them.
    With a throng of reporters shouting questions from shore, the crew of the Maersk Alabama described an ordeal that began with Somali pirates hauling themselves onto the deck from a small boat bobbing on the surface of the Indian Ocean far below.
    "They came from the stern of the ship and came on with hooks and ropes and were firing in the air when they got on board," said ATM Reza, a crew member who said he was the first to see the pirates board Wednesday....
    With Navy Seals standing guard, one sailor told off the mass of journalists, saying: "Don't disrespect these men like that. They've got a man out on a lifeboat dying so we can live."
    Crewman William Rios described the whole experience as a "nightmare" and said the first thing he will do back home in New York is pray. "I'm going to church," he said, specifying St. John the Baptist Church in New York City.
    *see Church Services, Body of Believers, Family of Christ, Fellowship, etc...
    Quinn told reporters the experience was "terrifying and exciting at the same time." Asked what he thought of the pirates who seized the boat, Quinn said: "They're just hungry."...

    *see Diet, Foods, Groceries, Beverage-Drinks, etc... & Social Issues: Needy, Poverty, Poor, etc...
    Somali Pirates Risk It All for Riches and Prestige

    "Somalia is a nation with no real functioning government and is becoming a "Pirate Nation." These are more signs!"

  • US destroyer watching hijacked ship off Somalia By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN, Associated Press Writer Sat Sep 27, 3:50 PM ET (

  • " MOGADISHU, Somalia - A U.S. destroyer off the coast of Somalia closed in Saturday on a hijacked Ukrainian ship loaded with tanks and ammunition, watching it to ensure the pirates who seized it do not try to remove any cargo or crew.
    As Russian and American ships pursued the hijackers of the Ukrainian-operated vessel, pirates seized another ship off Somalia's coast, an international anti-piracy group said.
    The Greek tanker with a crew of 19 is carrying refined petroleum from Europe to the Middle East. It was ambushed Friday in the Gulf of Aden, said Noel Choong, who heads the International Maritime Bureau's piracy reporting center based in Malaysia. He said pirates chased and fired at the ship before boarding it.
    In Somalia, a man claiming to be spokesman of the pirates holding the Ukrainian ship said the hijackers want $35 million to release the vessel. But there was no way to immediately verify his claim that he represented the pirates.
    On Thursday, pirates seized the Ukrainian ship Faina en route to Kenya with 33 Russian-built T-72 tanks and a substantial quantity of ammunition and spare parts. Russia's navy said Friday it had dispatched a warship to the area, and the United States said American naval ships were tracking the Ukrainian ship with special concern because of the weaponry on board.
    The hijackings were the latest in a series of audacious maritime attacks off the coast of Somalia, a war-torn country that has been without a functioning government since 1991.
    A U.S. defense official said the destroyer USS Howard is pursuing the hijacked Ukrainian vessel and is now within a few thousand yards of it. The hijacked ship is anchored a few miles off the Somalia coast, said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the situation.
    The destroyer is watching to make sure the pirates do not try to remove anything, the official added.
    The USS Howard's Web site says it is equipped for combat operations at sea with surface-to-air missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, antisubmarine rockets, torpedoes, and a five-inch rapid-fire deck gun.
    Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua said the Faina had not yet docked at any port and was still at sea.
    Kenya "is not aware of any credible (ransom) demand being made," Mutua said in statement on his Web site. He said Kenya "does not and will not negotiate with international criminals, pirates and terrorists."
    Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said the Kenyan Defense Department was using its contacts to try to resolve the problem. It said Kenyan authorities were sharing information with Somalia, Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and Britain in an effort to secure the swift release of the ship and its crew.
    A man who spoke to the Associated Press in Somalia by telephone and claimed to be a spokesman for the pirates said they were seeking a ransom.
    "We want the Kenyan government to negotiate with us about a $35 million ransom we want for the release of the ship and the cargo without any other intervention," said the man, who identified himself as Ali Yare Abdulkadir. "If not, we will do what we can and off load the small arms and take them away."
    Abdulkadir, who local residents in the northeastern Somali region of Puntland said represented the pirates, declined to reveal his whereabouts. He said the ship is somewhere along Somalia's northeastern coast and warned against any military action to liberate it.
    "Any one who tries it will be responsible for the consequences," Abdulkadir said.
    A Russian Web site posted what it said was an audio recording of a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian ship's first mate. He said the hijackers are seeking a ransom and have anchored close to the Somali shore.
    There was no way to immediately confirm the authenticity of the report on Web site Calls to the phone number listed on the site went to an answering machine at the publisher of two established tabloids that have reportedly reliably on news in the past � one of them also called Life.
    On the recording, a man who identified himself as first mate Viktor Nikolsky said the hijackers were asking for a ransom but he did not know how much. showed images of what it said were the Russian passports for both Nikolsky and the ship's captain, Vladimir Kolobkov.
    Nikolsky said there were 35 people on the ship � 21 of them crew � and most were being held in a single overheated room, he added. Nobody aboard the Faina was injured, but the captain was suffering from heatstroke and his condition was "not so good," the man identified as Nikolsky said. It was unclear exactly when the purported conversation took place.
    Ukrainian officials had said there were 21 crew members aboard � 17 Ukrainians, three Russians and a Latvian.
    Nikolsky said the ship was anchored near the Somali town of Hobyo and that two other apparently hijacked ships were nearby. Hobyo is in the central region of Mudug, south of Puntland. It is a natural port and does not have any facilities.
    Kenyan Defense Department spokesman Bogita Ongeri said the Ukrainian vessel was seized in international waters in the Gulf of Aden. He said that the pirates hijacked the ship beyond 200 nautical miles away from the coast of Puntland. Two hundred nautical miles in maritime law mark the end of a country's territorial waters.
    Long a hazard for maritime shippers � particularly in the Indian Ocean and its peripheries � high-seas piracy has triggered greater alarm since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States because of its potential as a funding and supply source for global terrorism.
    Pirate attacks worldwide have surged this year and Africa remains the world's top piracy hotspot, with 24 reported attacks in Somalia and 18 in Nigeria this year, according to the International Maritime Bureau's piracy reporting center.
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy this month called on other nations to move boldly against pirates, calling the phenomenon "a genuine industry of crime."
    ____ Web site for USS Howard:

    ____ Associated Press writers Mohamed Sheikh Nor and Salad Duhul in Mogadishu, Somalia; Tom Maliti in Nairobi, Kenya; Steve Gutterman in Moscow; Vijay Joshi in Singapore; Lolita C. Baldor in Washington; and Yana Sedova in Kiev, Ukraine contributed to this report."

  • US says pirates killed 4 American hostages,

  • "NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Americans lives have been lost in an attack by Somali pirates for the first time....

  • Somali Pirates Shoot Retired Couple Sailing the World Delivering Bibles., By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Tuesday, February 22, 2011

  • "SOMALIA (ANS) -- A California couple who were kidnapped last week by Somali pirates after seizing their yacht in the Indian Ocean, have been killed by their captors. The pirates also killed two other American hostages, it was reported today.
    Jean and Scott Adam, former residents of Newport Beach, were fatally shot late Monday aboard their 58-foot sailboat Quest off the coast of Somalia, authorities said, according to City News Service (CNS),
    Two of the pirates were killed, and 13 were captured during a rescue attempt, according to various news reports. Also killed were Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle of Seattle.
    The Adams, a retired couple, had been sailing around the world for more than seven years in their yacht. According to the couple's website, they had been traveling around the world distributing Bibles.
    CNS says four Navy ships had been following the Quest after it was seized by the pirates, and negotiations had been under way for the release of the hostages when the talks apparently broke down.
    On its website, CNN reported that the four sailors had been traveling with yachts participating in the Blue Water Rally since their departure from Phuket, Thailand, rally organizers said Sunday.
    The group, which organizes long-distance group cruises, said the S/V Quest broke off on February 15 after leaving Mumbai, India, to take a different route, CNN said.
    In an online article, ABC News reporters Jim Sciutto, Martha Raddatz and Sarah Netter say the Americans were sailing the world on a Christian mission to distribute bibles when they were ambushed Feb. 18 by pirates in dangerous waters nearly 300 miles off the Somali coast.
    U.S. forces and at least one Navy warship that had been tracking the yacht for three days and negotiating with the captors responded to gunfire at approximately 1 a.m. ET Tuesday morning.
    ABC News reported that American military forces killed two pirates aboard the vessel when they responded to gunfire that was believed to have killed the American yachters. The American forces captured 13 pirates and found the remains of two additional pirates. It is now believed that 19 pirates were involved in the kidnapping.
    Nina Crossland, a niece of Phyllis Macay, said today at a news conference that she had been told her aunt was wounded but alive when the U.S. military boarded the Quest, but died shortly after. Officials have confirmed that two of the Americans onboard the Quest were still alive when the military found them.
    "It's a shock," Crossland said. "My family is trying to come together to deal with this tragedy."
    The ABC News article stated that Crossland said her aunt was merely a sailor on the boat and was not involved with passing out Bibles. The Adams were known to carry and distribute Bibles along their journeys, according to reports.
    ABC News cited authorities who said U.S. forces responded to a rapidly deteriorating situation onboard the Quest and thought immediate action was necessary to save the lives of the hostages.
    According to the authorities, the pirates fired an RPG at the USS Sterett, the American ship most closely monitoring the yacht. At the time the first shots were heard on board the Quest, the Americans were negotiating with the pirates and had two of them onboard the Sterett.
    ABC News said it was unclear what the negotiations covered, but a military official said the pirates were attempting to make their way back to the Somali coast. According to one official, the killings of the Americans onboard came as a surprise since the pirates' demeanor had been described as "calm."
    A military official said small arms fire was detected by the US forces on the yacht and that it was not directed at the USS Sterett.
    It was only after the gunfire was detected, according to the military official, that U.S. special ops forces boarded the Quest and engaged the pirates. Until weapons were fired at the Quest, U.S. forces did not assault the yacht, according to the official. A timeline released today noted that one of the two pirates killed by special operations forces below deck was killed by a knife. The other was shot.
    "As [U.S. Forces] responded to the gunfire, reaching and boarding the Quest, the forces discovered all four hostages had been shot by their captors. Despite immediate steps to provide life-saving care, all four hostages ultimately died of their wounds," according to a statement released by U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.
    "We express our deepest condolences for the innocent lives callously lost aboard the Quest," said Gen James N. Mattis, U.S. Central Command commander.
    ABC News said U.S. ships in the area engaged in monitoring the yacht included the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, the guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf, the guided-missile destroyers USS Sterett and USS Bulkeley. The ships are deployed to the region to conduct maritime security operations and to provide support to operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.
    ABC News also said that as the Adams approached the notoriously hostile waters off the Horn of Africa, they cut back using their radios and satellite systems so their location couldn't be tracked by pirates, but they were still found.
    The BBC on its website reported US Central Command said that negotiations were under way between the US Navy and the pirates, when the US forces heard gunfire coming from the Quest.
    US Navy Seal Special Forces sailors boarded the ship without firing a shot, then killed two pirates while they were taking control of the ship.
    They discovered the four Americans shot. At least one -- Ms Macay -- was alive when the Seals boarded. The US Navy Seals attempted unsuccessfully to save the injured hostages, the military said according to the BBC report.
    The BBC's Correspondent Will Ross in Nairobi says the pirates' telling of the encounter differs from the US Navy's. The pirates report the US warship attacked first, killing two pirates, and the hostages were killed in retaliation.
    According to the US military, four Navy warships -- including an aircraft carrier -- began tracking the hijacked vessel on Friday and were following it toward the Somali coast, hoping to prevent the pirates from disembarking with the hostages, the BBC said.
    The BBC went on to report The White House said President Barack Obama on Saturday had authorized the use of force in the case of "an imminent threat" to the hostages. He was notified of the hostages' deaths soon after they were killed, spokesman Jay Carney said. The BBC added that on Tuesday, Navy officials told reporters that two pirates had boarded a naval vessel for negotiations when the pirate crew aboard the Quest fired a rocket-propelled grenade at their ship.
    The grenade missed, and the US Navy sailors then heard gunfire aboard the Quest and dispatched the Navy Seal boarding party, which discovered the four Americans, the BBC said.
    The US Navy captured 13 pirates, killed two -- one with shots and another with a knife -- and found the remains of two other pirates already dead about the vessel, the US military said, according to the BBC report.
    The BBC stated it was unclear how they died.
    According to the Adams's website ( ) , the middle-aged couple set sail in 2002 on the 58-foot vessel, and in 2004 they embarked on a planned eight- to 10-year voyage around the world.
    Before their capture, the sailors had crossed the Indian Ocean from Cochin, India, after calling at Phuket, Thailand and Sri Lanka. They hoped to disembark in Djibouti, then cross the Suez Canal before sailing to Crete in April.
    The BBC reported that friends have described the Adams as adventure-seekers who were also driven by their Christian faith, at times distributing Bibles at ports of call.
    The BBC article quotes Robert Johnston, who taught Scott Adam at Fuller Seminary in California, and who described the Adams as accomplished sailors.
    "They were responsible planners, they knew there was the potential for problems and they tried to take precautions, but obviously something happened," he said before the group were reported killed.
    The BBC article says Ms Macay's niece, Nina Crossland, told reporters her late aunt had planned ahead for the voyage.
    "She was not haphazardly traveling around the ocean, loosely travelling around," Ms Crossland said.
    "My aunt was very adventurous. If this was something that was going to scare her she would not be doing it."
    The BBC said pirates currently hold about 30 boats captured off the coast of Somalia, with a total of more than 600 hostages, according to the US Navy.
    ASSIST News previously reported on the Adam’s voyage before this incident took place and you can find that article at:


    Somali Prayer

    God has the answer for the problem of Somalia. He sent Jesus to bring human kind from darkness to eternal light.This gift shown in Jesus is the way to eternal life. Give Jesus a chance. Ask God why this all is happening to Somalia. He has the answer in Jesus. "


    Somalia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "To a first approximation, the Somalis are entirely Sunni Muslims.[68]
    Christianity's influence was significantly reduced in the 1970s when church-run schools were closed and missionaries sent home. There has been no Archbishop of the Catholic cathedral in the country since 1989; the cathedral in Mogadishu was severely damaged in the civil war of January-February 1992.
    The Somali constitution discourages the promotion and propagation of any religion other than Islam. This sets Somalis apart from their immediate African neighbours, many of whom are either Christians (particularly the Amhara and others of Ethiopia) or adherents of indigenous faiths.."

    Voice of Somali Christian in Islamic Somalia
    "Requesting for his parent (last) name to remain anonymous for fear of harassment, Hassan described the grim status of religious freedom in Somalia, challenges in the region and the future ahead for Somali Christians.
    Read Full story=

    JT INTERVIEW: Voice of a Somali Christian from Somalia
    Published 10/06/2007 - 10:50 a.m. GMT
    "Jimma Times: It is often portrayed uncommon for Somalis to be Christians and most Somali politicians & religious leaders assert that Somalia is a Muslim nation. When did you become a Christian?
    Hassan: I became a Christian 16 years ago and there are many Somalis who are not Muslims, most are Christians but also there are others who are atheists or agnostics so to say that all Somalis are Muslims for this day and age is unrealistic, to say the least.
    Jimma Times: Approximately, about how many Somali Christians are there in Somalia and around the world?
    Hassan: I think there are a few hundreds Somali Christians worldwide and most are outside of Somalia. The danger is so high for the Somali Christians to live in Somalia because Islam teaches anyone who abandons Islam should be killed and about 200 Somali Christians have been killed for their faith in Somalia for the past 15 years..."



  • Somolian Gospel Resources, by Ethnic Harvest

  • "A Sense of Belonging: Somali Settlement Experience in Canada contains first person stories and cultural insights such as this:
    "Did you know that it is polite to leave a little bit of food on your plate when eating at a Somali’s? This custom indicates to your Somali host that he/she has given you a plentiful serving of food. Finishing your plate would indicate that you are still hungry. "..."

  • Somolian Bible, from Multilanguage Resources
  • Stories from Somolians

  • Testimonies

  • An interview with a Somali Believer- How did you become a Christian

  • "Before I became a Christian, I believed in the God of Mohammed. Then I began to doubt the credibility of Islam and started to ask myself questions about the Qur'an. I couldn't find anyone who satisfied my search for the truth. Then one day I met a fellow Somali, who was nearly an atheist. His neighbors told me that he was an unbeliever and that I was already on the way of truth, I decided to visit that man to see if I would find something new and different from the typical dogmas of Islam. He introduced me to some philosophical ways of thinking. He said some things that I had intuitively felt to be true. He also showed me another aspect of Jesus. He lived with poor people and, according to him, did not wear any shoes. At that time there was acivil war in Somalia, and as we were talking about war, he told me what Jesus said about turning the other cheek. That really affected me, as did other teachings of Jesus and His lifestyle. I started at this point to appreciate other religions.
    In our discussions this man mentioned Somali culture, which is in a state of crisis. He believed that the collapse of Somali moral and cultural standards is caused by the Muslim religion. Initially I didn't agree with him but gradually I discovered that the lack of love and peace in Islam plays a great role in our people's way of thinking.
    He introduced me to an expatriate believer who lived near my house. This man welcomed me and invited me to visit him and to ask any questions I might have. Three things struck me during my visits. Firstly, unlike my own people, he was ready to discuss questions about religion, which I had been afraid to ask the Muslim Sheikhs. Secondly, I noticed that he cared for and was interested in his wife and children, and thirdly, the way he prayed was completely different from the praying I had known. Through my Somali friend I got in touch with Christianity, but through this expatriate I discovered Christianity, and I began to compare the two religions. This man also gave me a Bible and I started to read it.
    I was amazed to discover the similarities between the stories of the Old Testament and the Qur'an. I found the Bible contained a more historical, detailed account. I then investigated critically to find out the historical origin of Islam - something that my people consider an unthinkable thing to do.
    I am not baptized yet because I have not felt in my heart that I am ready for it. I've read many books, which have people's testimonies of a miraculous change in their lives, but I have never experienced that, although some things in my former behavior have improved. Now at least I have a support to lean on which is the Sunday night meeting, and the companionship of other born-again Christians, especially in our Somali believers' meeting.....

  • JT INTERVIEW: Voice of a Somali Christian from Somalia Published 10/06/2007 - 10:50 a.m. EST (from

  • "Hassan: I became a Christian 16 years ago and there are many Somalis who are not Muslims, most are Christians but also there are others who are atheists or agnostics so to say that all Somalis are Muslims for this day and age is unrealistic, to say the least...
    I think there are a few hundreds Somali Christians worldwide and most are outside of Somalia. The danger is so high for the Somali Christians to live in Somalia because Islam teaches anyone who abandons Islam should be killed and about 200 Somali Christians have been killed for their faith in Somalia for the past 15 years.
    It is very; very dangerous to be a Somali Christian in Somalia because there are dangerous Wahhabi fundamentalists who are sworn to hunt down and kill every Somali Christian who is living in Somalia and that is what they did in the past 15 years when they have killed more than 200 Somali Christians.
    In the past when the former socialist military government was in power it was much safer and there were churches and several hundred Somali Christians, mostly Roman Catholics and some Protestants in Mogadishu alone but today you can't even find a single Christian person. There are some but they are hiding because if they are found out, the Wahhabi fundamentalists will immediately kill them. The Somali Christians in the Diaspora are safe from violence, but they are still persecuted in some smaller ways as they are ostracized and avoided by other Somalis who consider them as traitors and enemies...
    I think these people are legitimately concerned about the danger of the imported Islamic extremism. The reason is that Christianity does not teach to violently over throw secular governments and replace them with Christian theocratic government based on the gospel. On the other hand, that is exactly what Islamic Wahhabi fundamentalists are doing and that is their ultimate goal. They want to establish Shari'a based Islamic governments all over the region and they want to do this through violent jihad if necessary. Therefore, the concern of Ethiopian Christians and East African Christians is truly a legitimate one. Christians never teach to hate others, in fact, Jesus commanded us to love our enemies but Muslim fundamentalists teach openly to kill and hate what they call �the kuffar� or non-Muslims and their mission is one of jihad, hatred and violence.

    I Against My Brother - a Somali Story (English)

    "Uploaded by iagainstmybrother on Nov 23, 2011 Go to for resources for churches and Somalis. "I am a Somali Christian, a contradiction." One muslim woman's journey of faith that challenges her ideas about what it means to be a Christian, and drives her to a decision that could cost her everything. "


    Somalia, Images of a great Nation

    "There's not really much to say about this film...except for maybe..: Soomaaliyaa ha noolaato..and Evviva la Somalia!!! Enjoy it!"
    Somalia - photos

    "some photos of somalia. it's not just this but it exist some more beautiful then this "

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