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I really got to known a Kenyan for the first time when I went to UMM. It was a lady I met (down below) during my first or second year at UMM, who then transferred to the UofM-Twin Cities campus. After that, there has been more that would come from this country.

{Photo Gallery}

Edith (Eldoret, Kenya) and I after ISA's Fashion Show/Dinner in 1997

I've learned more about Kenya when I was watching the local news (Twin Cities) on Mt. Kiliminajaro, which I believe is the tallest mountain/highest elevation of all of Africa. This local news channel did a documentary of some people from Minnesota that climbed this mountain for some "cause" (?).

I continue to meet Kenyans all over the state. One time I was in Minneapolis for "March for Jesus" several years ago. One of the speakers after the march was Kenyan, whom I had a chance to get his contact information. This Kenyan shared how God is bringing the "nations" to our very state of Minnesota, which has become a harvest for the nations. This is where I first heard that Minnesota sends the most missionaries overseas than any other state in the U.S.! Another Kenyan-Minnesota contact was just recently as last week (10/3/03) in Joy Christian Center in St. Cloud, MN. I went with a couple of close friends from Morris to attend this bennefit concert for a local ministry (Christo Vive International) that reaches out to "physically challenge" youth locally and globally. One of the performers in this Heart of the City sponsored event was several area Kenyan int'l students from St. Cloud State University. They beautifully-interactively sang-taught Swahili to us as they got the farily sized crowd that night moving off their fee forwards, backwards, sideways (left-Kushoto and right-Kulia), down (Chini), and up (Juu ).

MCC Missions: Kenya Trip

Neil, overseer of Outfitters for Adventure, will be leading 2 others to Kissi, Kenya (by Lake Victoria in west central coast of t he continent) on March 2004. Please start praying for them and the particular group of people in Kenya they'll be ministering/equipping now!

more details of trip later...

Kenya Group

2005 Trip

Neil, overseer of Outfitters for Adventure, took a new group Wednesday, March 9th. They left the Twin Cities airport for a long plane ride. This years group consist:

-Tim Mitchell of Morris Community Church
-Matt of Harvest Community Church (Fargo)

Right before they left, Tim was getting some help by Ron Neiland to put some eye glasses together. They will be distributing some donated eye glasses to folks that need it. Also, they will be distributing boxex of Bibles. Ron was scheduled to go along with this 2005 team, but had to backed out due to some "homework" he needed to finish. However, his wife Jan has been helping run a fundraiser to help sponsor an orphanage in Kenya. The 2005 team will be planning to stop over at the orphanage they've been supporting from back home in America. Stay tuned for current updates on their 1+ week mission trip here....

2004 Update on Trip

From : Patrick
Sent : Monday, June 28, 2004 2:05 PM
To :
Subject : Announcements Monday June 28th

Reach Out to Orphans in Kenya Our pilot program to support ten orphans in Kisii, Kenya, is underway.
The goal is to financially enable families in Kenya to support an orphan in their home. These are families connected with the Kenya church that Neil visited who would otherwise lack funds to take another child into their homes.
Neil and the team traveling to Kenya next March will visit each family and orphan at that time to assure that the support is being administered properly.

Several people have shown interest in participating in Reach Out to Orphans in Kenya, and some have already made a financial commitment. There is still plenty of opportunity to participate. If you would like more information or are interested in sponsoring an orphan by giving $15 per month (or $180 for the year), please contact
Jan Nieland.

Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 11:44 AM
Subject: trip to Kenya short report

Dear Family-
The trip to Kenya was very fruitful. The team that I went with, Phil, David, and Dan were very supportive and greatly encouraging. The folks there responded to them very favorably. We were among a small group of churches in an area where there was basicly no electricity and water hook ups. Most water was carried on their heads from wells, springs and streams. We took bucket showers and used flashlights at night. They used lanterns in their houses and churches. Two of the churches still hold outdoors services year round under trees.

Kennedy and James have about 8 churches and began to work together 5 years ago. Within that network of churches (none of whch had more than 100 people) there were about 70 orphans who need placement (due to AIDS killing their parents). None of the pastors had wheels of any sort so we at least got bikes for the 2 overseers before we left.

It looks like our connection with Kennedy and James was very successful and even though they were not Spirit-filled they were quite enthusiastic about hearing about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and worship. I got home last night after 44 hours on the road. All our "girls" were there at MSP Airport to meet us (a wonderful surprise for David and Dan who thought they would have to wait till their arrival in North Dakota). I was too tired to even take a sauna last night even though I had planned for it on the plane.

Thanks for all your prayers.
Bless you- neil

From : Patrick
Sent : Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:11 PM
To :
Subject : Announcements

Dear Ruth-
We are in Kisii for the first time today after arrival last monday. We have been having a very fruitful time. all of us are healthy and enjoying the company of Kennedy and James.

We are spending the afternoon in Kisii and Tabaka (where the soap stone carving takes place).

I totally see this as a God trip. I have many photos to share with you. Sunday is not that far away....
I love you- neil

pps- It is about 80F here- I see you are at 27 degrees- eat your heart out. The sauna has been good training for here!

From : Neil
Sent : Tuesday, March 16, 2004 7:50 AM
To : "Jim
Subject : Fw: from neil

I have received two messages from Neil while he is in Kenya, as well as a message from Laura Guchera's mom. Laura lived with us for 2.5 years while attending UMM, and her parents in Nairobi met Neil and the others and brought them to stay at their home the first night. Their neighbors waited up for them, even though the plane arrived late. The neighbors brought food and sang songs of welcome so the guys could have a traditional Kenyan welcome celebration. Then they asked Neil to speak. That must have been a little difficult in the throes of jet lag, but I'm sure he managed.

In Neil's first message he said that he and the others have been well received by the churches they are visiting. Kennedy works with other churches and wanted his leaders to have teaching, so they meet with the leaders as well as with the churches in larger groups. This message was waiting for me when I got up this morning.

To: Neil Thielke
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 12:54 AM
Subject: Re: inquiry

Dear Ruth,Katie,Crystal and jenn,

We have arrived safely.The territory is similar to Chiapis,Mexico as is the living situation.the people have been very receptive to our teaching,and have been most hospitable.

the food is great.We are 45 minutes from town,with no internet access.

Since we are so remote,this may be the only correspondence until our return.

Serving the Lord in Kenya.

Neil,Phil,Dan and David.


-Continue to pray for the Baptist church Neil and Outfitters equipped and encouraged
-Neil is looking for someone to head the "Need for Eye Glasses Drive" to work with Jeff Hauger on putting together easily "homemade" eye glasses (using magnifying glases and wires)
-Need of 150+ Bibles to equip and be sent to them!
-Organize a orphan coordinator for a particular individual that a woman asked Neil for help...

Picture of Kenyan Orphan

Reccomended Resources


It's Tuesday, April 22nd of 2008 and I had to share some awesome testimonies from a special service Cosmos shared at our regular Sunday (Sunday, April 20th of 2008) morning time. First, I had to share this "healing testimony" of a sister-in-Christ/friend/church family member-Stephanie W. She was healed from her milk allergies..halleluah! Cosmos shared about the "Grasshopper" story, in which we can all easily be deceived or lied about on what we are not. For example, in my personal life-I've been called "gook", "shorty", "no-good", etc.. and I start believing what others call me by name. However, if I continue to read God's Word, I don't believe what others are saying about me. Instead, I believe what my Heavenly Father God tells me who I really am and what I was created to be.

{Archives of Past Events:}

Who? Cosmas Salamba
When: Thursday-Saturday (April 10th-12th) @7pm start
Where? UMM Science Auditorium (gray building between the old and new science building)
Parking: West Parking Lot (2nd Street entrance)
Bio: He grew up in Kenya and currently pastors in Nairobi. He has been used by God to do various ways . Neil (associate pastor-missionary overseer of Outfitters for Adventure) got acquainted with him while on a missions trip last year.

"Cosmas Salamba is preaching in Morris Community Church, 211 E 6th St., Tuesday May 1st at 7pm (He will also minister in Fargo Monday night at Harvest Church and in Grove City Victory Church on Wednesday) He grew up in Kenya and currently pastors in Nairobi. He has been used by God to heal the sick. Neil got acquainted with him while on his last missions trip. Cosmas accompanied Dan Eastvold (UMM Alumn 01'->Bethany's (missionary in Ireland father from Little Falls, MN) to Kenya.

Report from Evening (Monday, May 1st of 2007):

Well, it was an awesome evening! We began with some praise & worship music and then a guest visit share from Dan & Vicki E. The main speaker, as a vessel from God, was Cosmos. He shared many cool stories (names are culturally originated from time of birth, crusade where people that practiced witchcraft (more down below) came to the Lord Jesus) from Kenya and stories (e.g. Moses-Book of Exodus) from the Bible that can impact our lives....

" 9Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, 10that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."-Philippians 2:9

Cosmos does some "storytelling"
Lifting our hands to God and praying as a church family for one another.

It seems like many or even everyone was specially touched by God in a unique and individual way. I was chatting with a friend who told me he was hurting in a certain part of his body. When Cosmos invited anyone to come to the front to get prayed for healing, he didn't come up. Later on, Cosmos felt moved by the Holy Spirit to call my friend up to get personally prayed for-wow! After the service, our pastor invited anyone to share (like "Victoria"-means Victory! from Monica-UMM Int'l Student from Malawi and people got physically healed) any stories and several shared!

For me, I personally got touched by my faith! It just went back a step higher because seeing God moved like this evening just helped me remember what He can do anytime as He did earlier in my life (e.g. Alpha&Omega-Friday night campus fellowship group). Let's not just keep this as a one-night experience, but share (there is power in "Jesus' name" with others and make it an everyday experience ya'll! Amen?..Halleluah!

*note: when Cosmos shared about the importance of our names and the meaning, I thought about the sermon/message this past Sunday at MCC. Pat, pastor, shared about "identity" ("Identity theft" was a theme of a leadership conference down in the cities that leaders from MCC attended this past weekend) and how we can't let the "enemy" steal our true identity in Christ.

My local church will be sending some folks to Kenya in March of 2004 for a discipleship training work.


  • Reach Out to the Orphans of Kenya, from Outfitters for Adventure

  • Photo Gallery of 2006 Trip Neil with Matt, Rick (and son)
    A Foundation in ROCK, Published Saturday, April 12, 2008 (Morris Sun Tribune) By Tom Larson,
    "There are few places on Earth right now that are witnessing the suffering and strife that engulf the African nation of Kenya. A political power struggle born of recent, controversial election results have ignited riots and ethnic killings, and there doesn’t appear to be end to the madness. Jan Nieland, a member of the Outfitters for Adventure and the Reach Out to the Children of Kenya (ROCK), is photographed with two children during a recent trip to the African nation.
    unconditional love, but an area organization readily finds it there, especially for its most vulnerable inhabitants, and is doing all it can to see it spread.
    Since 2004, Outfitters for Adventure has been making trips to Kenya to bring its ministry to orphaned and destitute children there through its outreach mission program ROCK – Reach Out to the Children of Kenya. At home, Outfitters has been seeking sponsors willing to donate a small sum to place the orphans in the homes of Kenyan families and help them support the new child in their midst, or help families which have lost a parent keep their children in their homes.
    “The Kenyan people are so willing to take in more children -- even though they have several children of their own – if they can get just a little financial help,” said Jan Nieland, a rural Starbuck resident and member of Morris Community Church. “Sponsors are not only helping that orphan but families, too.”
    Morris minister Neil Thielke founded Outfitters for Adventure in 2004. During his first trip to Kenya he met two pastors, named Kennedy and James. They are responsible for the religious well-being of a network of eight Kenyan congregations.
    As Nieland said, “they’ll never run out of orphans in Africa,” due to diseases like AIDS and malaria, and now because of the fighting and killing that erupted following contested election between Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki against opposition leader Raila Odinga.
    Many observers say Kibaki rigged the elections to win, which ignited the first wave of violence. After some weeks of calm as the two leaders worked on a power-sharing arrangement, violence again swelled when the talks broke down earlier this week.
    The unrest has produced many orphans, but even before it, through discussions with the Kenyan pastors, Thielke became convinced that raising money to build orphanages was not the answer. The ROCK program was developed instead.
    ROCK started with a list of 10 children who needed homes and the group set out to find sponsors.
    In July 2004, with the money committed by two sponsors – equal to $17 per month, two orphans were placed in Kenyan homes. Currently, ROCK has 61 sponsors for Kenyan orphans placed in Christian homes within the congregations of Kennedy and James, Nieland said.
    For those who doubt the impact $17 can have, Nieland offers some sobering statistics. In some areas of Kenya, an infusion of that modest sum doubles the household income. In others, $17 represents between 30 percent and 50 percent of the home’s monthly income.
    “There are so many orphans there that anything we can do to help with that makes a big difference,” Nieland said. “Generally, the people in these areas are very poor.”
    Homes are made of cement blocks or mud, and some still have thatched roofs and most have dirt floors. Cooking is done indoors in fire pits. Foodstuffs are available but modest.
    An eight-member group traveled to Kisii-land earlier this year. The group included Thielke, Nieland, Angie Franey, of Morris, and other members from Outfitters groups in Fargo and Grand Forks.
    Kisii so far has been free of the violence raging in other parts of the country, making it a haven for those displaced by the political and social upheaval. The group visited a cathedral in Kisii and were told that more than 18,500 refugees sought help through the church, including many orphans, Nieland said.
    The Outfitters group pledged to find sponsors for 20 of the orphans who came through the cathedral, and Kennedy and James located those 20 kids in short order. Now, Nieland said, “we’re looking for 20 people willing to step up and say, ‘Yes, I’ll sponsor one of 20 kids.’ ”
    Outfitters makes sure it knows where sponsors’ money is going, conducting interviews with the families and the orphans to ensure the money is being used for its intended purpose. Groups that make the trip each year pack light in carry-on bags and devote their checked luggage to clothes for the children and families. Other necessities are taken in donation, such as mosquito netting, bicycles for pastors, mattresses and home repair items, Nieland said.
    The trips aren’t cheap and Outfitters members fund their own trips. As such, a different team likely will make the trips each year. Nieland, for one, said she’s not sure when she’ll make another trip to visit. But her one trip left an impression.
    “There’s something about going over there and actually experiencing it that really brings it home,” she said."



  • Kenyan Community Church 6625 Humboldt Avenue North Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 Tel: 763-560-4378
  • College


  • Local student studying in Kenya undeterred by violence, from By CHAO XIONG, Star Tribune Last update: January 4, 2008 - 8:51 PM

  • "...Mayaka is among thousands of Kenyans in Minnesota who are fielding dispatches of violence and dysphoria from their home country.
    "To see this going on is unimaginable," he said. "Kenya has been kind of a refuge for people from other countries. All the gains we've made have been erased virtually overnight."
    About 250 Kenyans marched into the state capitol this week and held a brief demonstration in the rotunda.
    "I don't know whether we can do much," Mayaka said.
    In Nairobi, Hellerich said she has stopped venturing outside.
    It's uncertain if she'll be pulled out of her study abroad program, which is sponsored by the University of Minnesota, because of the violence. She said she feels safe and wants to continue working at a comprehensive care clinic focusing on HIV/AIDS in slums.
    Right now, she is scheduled to stay until April.


  • 4Kenyans
  • Minnesota Kenyans March for Peace in Homeland

    "Kenyans in Minnesota braved the elements to march for peace and justice in the motherland on January 2, 2007 "



  • Agape Children

  • Kenya - Agape Music Video

    " Agape Children's Ministry reaches out to the street boys of Kisumu, Kenya. For more info"


  • CIA World Factbook
  • Embassy of Kenya, in Wasthington D.C.
  • Ministries

    Joel Osteen Ministries in Kenya - Being the hands and ...

    "Joel Osteen Ministries is working to meet the needs of others and being the hands and feet of Jesus all around the world. Jesus made his mission very clear while He was on the earth. He wants us to reach out to those around us and in other countries as well. As part of our commitment to take the message of the Gospel around the world, we recently sent Dr. Paul Osteen and a medical and ministry team to Nairobi, Kenya. We were able to take medicine and provide much-needed vaccinations to hundreds of families, provide hot meals to those who had nothing, care for orphans in abandoned baby shelters and provide clothing and school supplies to children."


    Obama's Kenyan relatives elated, holiday declared By TOM MALITI – 13 hours ago (AP Wednesday, Nov 5th of 2008)
    "KOGELO, Kenya (AP) — Barack Obama's Kenyan relatives and Africans across the continent sang, danced in the streets and wrapped themselves in U.S. flags Wednesday to cheer for America's first black president. Kenya will party for two days, after the president declared a national holiday....
    What you don't know about Barack Obama Black liberation theology, birthplace, religion still remain question marks Posted: November 03, 2008 11:18 pm Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi © 2008 WorldNetDaily
    "...Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He's a Luo tribesman affiliated with Obama's father when Odinga's communist father was Kenya's first vice president after Kenyan independence and Obama's father was a Harvard-educated economist working in the Jomo Kenyatta government. Obama campaigned openly for Odinga for president in 2006 when Obama was in Kenya on a U.S. Senate "fact-finding" mission. Kenya's president Kibaki asked Obama to stop interfering with Kenyan presidential politics. Obama raised an alleged $1 million for Odinga to run for president in Kenya in December 2007, adding to the $1 million raised for Odinga's 2007 presidential campaign by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. When Odinga lost the December 2007 presidential election by approximately 233,000 votes, Odinga called for protests which led his Luo tribesmen to murder approximately 1,000 Kikuyu tribesman, displace another 350,000 Kikuyu tribesmen and destroy 800 churches, while not a single mosque was destroyed. Obama helped negotiate a settlement in which Odinga was appointed co-head-of-state and appointed prime minister to end the violence, even after it became publicly disclosed Odinga signed a letter of understanding with radical Muslims in Kenya in return for their votes...."
    Obama and Odinga: Change We DON'T Want, from
    "...Why did Barack Obama try to hide the connection between Obama and Odinga?
    Raila Odinga enjoyed the support of Kenya's Muslim community in the election, while denying any ties to Muslim leaders. That lie was exposed when Sheik Abdullah Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, appeared on Kenya television displaying a memorandum of understanding signed on Aug. 29, 2007, by Mr. Odinga and the Muslim leader.
    The details of the agreement were shocking. In exchange for their endorsement and Muslim support in the election, Odinga essentially agreed to create another Taliban.
    He acknowledged Islam as the only "true religion" and agreed to (among other things):
    * re-write Kenya's Constitution within six months to institute Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Quran for Muslim regions;
    * facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court within every Kenyan divisional headquarters within one year of being sworn in;
    * issue National Identity cards to ALL Muslims residing in Kenya;
    * "popularize Islam, the only true religion, . . . by ordering every primary school in Kenya in the regions to conduct daily Madrassa classes;"
    * "impose a total ban on open-air gospel crusades by worshippers of the cross . . .;"
    * outlaw gospel programs on national television;
    * impose a total ban on alcohol and pork in regions populated by Muslims; and
    * "impose an immediate ban on women's public dressing styles that are considered immoral and offensive to the Muslim faith in the Muslim regions . . . . This ban will apply to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in these regions and will include all visitors whether domestic or foreign tourists."...

    *see GoodnewsEverybody: Religious-Islam



  • Swahili Bibles
  • Children

    Reach Out to Kenyan Children Ministries Introduction

    "This is a preview part of a 20 minute video of Reach Out to Kenyan Children. It's a ministry reaching out orphans and the people in Kissi, Kenya. It's an arm of Outfitters for Adventure ministries based in Morris, Minnesota."
    *this was featured in an local newspaper article (see down below)
    Reach Out to Kenyan Children Ministry-Thank You!, from google
    This is just part of a 20 minute video about "Reach Out to Kenyan Children". In this part, the people in Kissi Kenya share their appreciation for the gratitude of all the sponsors back in America. Please check the site below for the full coverage."
    Reach Out to Kenyan Children Ministry's Needs, from

    "This is a part of a 20 minute video on what "Reach Out to Kenya Children" is all about. It shares about the particular needs (e.g. repairing homes) of the community of Kissi, Kenya..."
    "This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God."-2 Corinthians 9:12
    Reach Out to Kenyan Children Ministry's Action Point, from

    " This is the last part of a 20 minute video on "Reach Out to Kenya's Children". How can you help? First and most importantly, we would like your prayers for the people (particularly the children and all 20 orphans to be all sponsored) of Kissi Kenya. Also, if you could post this video and share this with others that might be blessed. If you or anyone you know could be of help financially in any way, feel free to contact Outfitters for Adventure..Thank you and God bless!
    "May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion."-Psalm 20:2

  • Agape Children Ministries

  • "Agape Children's Ministry reaches out to the street boys of Kisumu, Kenya. For more info. log on to "
  • Sow Seed in Kenya

    Watu Wa Maana Children's Centre - latest news

    "Based in Ruiru near Nairobi, Kenya, this centre houses around 50 orphaned, displaced and very poor children. Here, Lucy the treasurer talks about the recent changes that have taken place. Music by Rington - former street boy and now popular Kenyan gospel musician. "

    Masalio Gospel Choir

    "I masalio gospel choir al Mapango (Aquarius), Watamu Kenya"



  • From: revselinanaliaka stawa (
    Sent: Sat 3/01/08 5:43 AM
    " Dear servants of God,
    We are so glad that God is greatly moving in this place, Your prayers have been greatly felt here in Africa kenya. I led 10 missioners in the camp of lukari, where we preached to people in the camp, 1200 souls in this camp gave there lives to the lord, for the as from monday 3th march to 12th march 2008 in Kenya, we are visiting webuye camp, misikhu camp, kiminini camp ,showgrand camp, and money others,. God we are praying that He will work great things and we shall witness to more 40,000 people, the lord is going to course many to come to the Lord. On saturday after ministernoon selina will lead ateam of woman who want to commit there lives to evangelism , to minister in two camps. Yesterday we began the prayers in church , i thank God for bringing people and intercessors were 4o .We kindly request for your prayers that the gospel be preached in camps will continue and many will come to the Lord. and we are praying about 10 bicycles to help the pastors help them with the follow up. Also pray that God will give us 20000 bibles to help this people atleast 1000 swahili Bibles and 400 english Bibles. the Bible costs $ 5.
    We are praying to construct a temporal structure which will help this people worship in from it IN camp of lukari. We are worried for when the rain gets them at the tend the meeting end in last week the meetings ended inconviently because of rain.We will be holding a children's banquet on saturday at the same place and will also feed the Widows ,with help of selina, at this place. We are praying and trusting God to provide the funds to purchase food and clothes for both Children and the widows in that they will feel cared by the church.
    May God bless you

    pastor selina naliaka and David walukhu
    mukhonje faith church
    p.oBox 230, webuye ,kenya
    call us; +254734375822


  • Kenya Page-U Penn African Studies, more on this country
  • 1 Up Info, on Kenya
  • Geography

  • Map of Kenya, by Tim and Lara Beth's Kenyan Page
  • Map of Kenya (by region), from go2africa
  • Government

  • Government of Kenya
  • -Riots
    ''Deadly riots in Kenya''

    " Dec. 31 - President Mwai Kibaki's disputed election victory triggers rioting and looting that leaves scores dead. Police beat protesters and flushed looters out of buildings in the sprawling Kibera slum, which is within opposition leader Raila Odinga's Nairobi constituency. The scenes of extraordinary violence in the slums of the capital were repeated in the western city of Kisumu. Scores of people have died, many shot dead by police. 12-31-2007"
    Kenya death toll near 250, By Daniel Wallis and Wangui Kanina 1 hour, 55 minutes ago ( Tuesday, January 1st of 2008
    NAIROBI (Reuters) - A mob torched a Kenyan church on Tuesday, killing about 30 villagers cowering inside, as the death toll from ethnic riots triggered by President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election approached 250. ADVERTISEMENT
    Fire engulfed a church near Eldoret town where hundreds of Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe had taken refuge in fear of their lives. Witnesses said charred bodies, including women and children, were strewn about the smoldering ruins.
    "This is the first time in history that any group has attacked a church. We never expected the savagery to go so far," police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said.
    Kibaki was sworn in on Sunday after official election results showed he narrowly beat opposition leader Raila Odinga. Both sides have accused the other of massive vote-rigging during the December 27 election.
    The dispute ignited long-simmering tribal rivalries in one of Africa's most stable democracies and strongest economies.
    World powers called for calm and urged the political opponents to "exercise restraint" and talk to each other.
    Police and a senior security official said the blaze at the Kenya Assemblies of God Pentecostal church in western Kenya was deliberately started by a gang of youths.
    Television pictures shot from a helicopter showed plumes of white smoke pouring from burning homesteads in the area. Young men, some toting bows and arrows, manned roadblocks.
    Residents and a security source said the victims had sought safety at the small church, about 8 km (5 miles) from Eldoret.
    "Some youths came to the church," said a local reporter from the scene. "They fought with the boys who were guarding it, but they were overpowered and the youths set fire to the church."
    Local media said 20 people suffered life-threatening burns.
    The attack revived traumatic memories in east Africa of the slaughter in churches of tens of thousands of victims of Rwanda's 1994 genocide, and the mass suicide of hundreds of Ugandan cult members in a church fire in 2000.
    Police said more than 70,000 people had been displaced nationwide and about 170 killed. Reuters reporters around Kenya estimated the death toll at around 250.
    Leading local newspaper, the Daily Nation, feared the country was on "the verge of a complete meltdown." Fuel prices rose sharply in Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, all of which get petrol, diesel and other products from Kenyan ports.
    Police were out in force in the capital on New Year's Day and Nairobi's streets were initially quieter, before violence erupted in the slums again as dusk fell.
    Ghana's President John Kufor, the chairman of the African Union (AU), is due in Kenya on Wednesday to meet Kibaki and "discuss the current crisis," an AU spokesman said.
    Washington had first congratulated Kibaki, then switched to expressing "concerns about irregularities." Former colonial power Britain, the European Union and others pointedly avoided congratulating Kibaki. Instead, they expressed concern, urged reconciliation and a probe into suspected voting irregularities.
    "The 2007 general elections have fallen short of key international and regional standards for democratic elections," the EU observer mission said in its formal assessment.
    Western diplomats shuttled between both sides, trying to start mediation. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called Kibaki and his opposition rival Raila Odinga.
    "The government thinks they can wait this out, but we're not convinced," one diplomat in Nairobi told Reuters.
    The Eldoret area where the church massacre took place is multi-ethnic but traditionally dominated by the Kalenjin tribe.
    It suffered ethnic violence in 1992 and 1997 when hundreds of mainly Kikuyus were killed and thousands more displaced.
    A senior security official in Rift Valley said that as many as 15,000 people were now sheltering from the violence in churches and police stations in Eldoret.
    He blamed the opposition for incitement.
    "We have lived together for years, we've intermarried, we have children, but now they've asked them to turn against them," the security official said. "We don't do this in Kenya. It is what happens in Yugoslavia and Sudan."
    An Irish Catholic priest in Eldoret, Father Paul Brennan, told Reuters vigilante gangs were roaming the streets.
    "Houses are being burned. It is too dangerous to go outside and count the dead," he said. "The churches are full. There are four to five thousand in the main cathedral."
    Most deaths have come from police firing at protesters, witnesses say, prompting accusations from rights groups and the opposition that Kibaki had made Kenya a "police state."
    (Additional reporting by Nicolo Gnecchi, Duncan Miriri, Helen Nyambura-Mwaura, Patrick Muiruri, Bryson Hull, Florence Muchori, Joseph Sudah, Andrew Cawthorne; Guled Mohamed in Kisumu; and Tsegaye Tadesse in Addis Ababa)"


    "This video was taken on 30th December, 2008 in Kisumu, Kenya. It shows the town on the aftermath of the problems in the Election results"
    Flights double for MAF during Kenya crisis Posted: 18 February, 2008 (Mission Network News)
    " Kenya (MNN) ― Former UN chief Kofi Annan says a deal to pull Kenya out of a political crisis was "very close" and expressed hope that the "last difficult and frightening" step will be taken this week. The difficulty has affected missionary aviation work that's headquartered in Kenya.
    Mission Aviation Fellowship operates seven aircraft out of Kenya, serving area missionaries. But when the violence erupted, the schedule looked a little different. People were in panic because their lives were at stake since they were in areas of a different tribe.
    "We have evacuated all kinds of people. Normally, we fly missionaries and for Christain relief organizations. We have now flown for everyone. Sometimes we didn't even bother to ask them to pay or support us. We've just tried to help left and right," said Bernard Terlouw with MAF. They've helped friend and foe, and "the real heat at the moment is off. There is a kind of, well, it is a very tense quietness in the country."
    During these flights, passengers were sometimes eye to eye with members of the opposing tribe. "It's a presentation of how God welcomes everyone. That is our mission," said Terlouw.
    Special police forces are patrolling just to make their presence known and maintain the calm. "Everybody realizes that it's not peace. It is just the absence of war at the moment," said Terlouw.
    "The first thought, as a Christian, that you would have is ‘How can they kill each other?'" Terlouw said. What is happening here is absolutely horrifying. The church has called for reconciliation, but leaders realized that even their request was "preaching in a way that supported their own tribe."
    The church made a leap forward recently when they confessed this. Terlouw said church leaders made a new statement of reconciliation: "Whatever our tribal background is, we belong to Jesus, and we want peace at any cost. We want to reconcile with anybody, whatever tribe, whatever color. And for the first time I think, that was not just lip-service, but that was real."
    MAF's operations for other countries cannot be put on hold. Terlouw said their job is helping the most needy. "We fly missionaries and relief workers into real remote places. They cannot get there if we don't fly them." That would mean evangelism and relief work would end. For now, the maintenance team and pilots are on the ready at all times.
    Terlouw said their actual flights doubled what was projected for January 2008. Funding is needed to help with the increasing demand for their aircraft.
    Mission Aviation Fellowship

    Kenya rivals forge coalition to end crisis, By C. Bryson Hull and Duncan Miriri Thu Feb 28, 1:15 PM ET (
    " NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's president and opposition leader signed a deal to create a power-sharing government on Thursday, hoping to end a post-election crisis that plunged the country into its worst turmoil since independence.
    After a month of often bitter negotiations punctuated by violence around the east African nation, President Mwai Kibaki and his rival Raila Odinga inked an agreement and shook hands to a roar of applause.
    "We have a deal," mediator Kofi Annan said. "Compromise was necessary for the survival of this country ... they kept the future of Kenya always in their sights and reached a common position for the good of the nation."..



  • History of the Flag, from
  • Kenyan History, form Kenyaweb
  • Language

  • Travel Lang, Swahili
  • Miscellanesous

  • Kenyan International Community
  • Info Please
  • Wikipedia

  • "Cushitic-speaking people from northern Africa moved into the area that is now Kenya beginning around 2000 BC. Arab traders began frequenting the Kenya coast around the 1st century AD. Kenya's proximity to the Arabian Peninsula invited colonization, and Arab and Persian settlements sprouted along the coast by the 8th century. During the first millennium AD, Nilotic and Bantu peoples moved into the region, and the latter now comprise three-quarters of Kenya's population. In the centuries preceding colonization, Kenya was part of the east African region used extensively by slavers from the Muslim world to find slaves. Initially these slavers came mainly from Arab states, but later many also came from Zanzibar (such as Tippu Tip). The Ameru tribe of Kenya originates from slaves escaping from Arab lands some time around the year 1700.
    Swahili, a Bantu language with many Arabic loan words, developed as a lingua franca for trade between the different peoples"


    "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."-James 1:27


  • ROCK: Reach Out to the Children of Kenya, a ministry of Outfitters for Adventure

  • Missionary Spotlight: Kenya R.O.C.K., from

    "Here is a highlight video of just some of the many adorable children in Kenya. These are just a few of the 20 orphans looking for sponsors. Can you help? Contact Jan Neiland of Reach Out to Children in Kenya (R.O.C.K.) The background music is 2007-Dove's Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year "Orphans of God" (see lyrics or live concert) by Avalon.. "

    Related Sites:
    Restoring hope in KENYA, 3/26/2008 2:38:00 PM (Starbuck Times)
    "Sitting atop a highland in Western Kenya, Jan Nieland interviews one of the children who is sponsored by Outfitters for Adventure. They share pictures with one another, talk about the weather, their favorite food or maybe even their favorite subject in school-anything the sponsor and the orphan may want to share with their new American friend.
    But while the interviews are important to ensure the donated money is being spent appropriately, Nieland of rural Starbuck, can't help but wonder how many more people need help in a country ravaged by a post election uprising.
    As part of the Reach Out to the Children of Kenya (ROCK) program, a group of seven people from Minnesota and North Dakota went on a nearly two week expedition from Feb. 28- March 11, to visit the orphans the organization sponsors. On the tails of an agreement signed by both the winning and losing parties following the December 27 election, the trip also gave the ROCK group a chance to comfort those who have lost a loved one or lost everything in the political uprising.
    "Once they heard an agreement was signed they thought 'Oh I will just go home,'" said Nieland. "But when they got home, some of them found out their home was burned down. They lost everything."
    Not only were some of the more than 600,000 refugees faced with the grim reality of no longer having a place to call home, but when some of the refugees returned home they were also forced to cope with the loss of a loved one or family member as a result of the political uprising.
    With no place to go, the homeless refugees and children returned to the same churches and refugee camps they called home during the uprising to find anything from a safe place to sleep, a drink of water, or bite to eat. In one Cathedral the ROCK group visited, some 18,000 refugees passed through one church during the two-month struggle. As a result of the visit and firsthand account of the orphans needs, the organization decided to expand its reach and sponsor 20 new children who have been adversely affected by the political uprising. The new sponsorships will be in addition to the 61 kids who are already being helped by ROCK and some 30 kids who are currently on a waiting list.
    Though the sponsorship for a Kenyan child is just $17 a month, the money is more than enough to help a family not only survive, but live in financial stability.
    "It doesn't seem like a lot here, but for some of them that doubles their income," said Nieland.
    The money which is donated, either through individual sponsorships or general donations, goes towards everything from meals to clothes or bicycles.
    Even the volunteers got involved with the donation process while in Kenya. After learning a widow of a polygamist was being ostracized by her former husbands family, the group of seven volunteers pooled their money together, and managed to come up with approximately $130 to give to the widow to help finish the 3/4 completed roof of her home.
    The money wasn't much, but after leaving town on a mission trip for most of the day, the group returned to Kisii only to hear the roof was not only completed, but the money covered the cost of new clothes and mattresses for the entire family.
    "She was just elated," said Nieland of the widow. "I was just impressed with how quickly that got done."
    But this was just one stry of many Nieland told of her trip to Kenya. There was the five-hour long community church service in which some Kenyans walked upwards of five hours to attend. There was a meal at every church and stop the group visited (Nieland said on some occasions it became hard to eat all of the food in front of them).
    But perhaps one of the most touching parts of the trip was overwhelming support from not only the orphans and their families, but from the governmental agencies. In one town in particular, Nieland said the chief of police went out of his way to ensure the groups safety at all times, and is now sponsoring an orphan of his own.
    "It was so encouraging to have the local government say we appreciate what you do and the help you are providing," said Nieland.
    Though remnants of a political uprising were still visual, Nieland said she was never afraid for her own safety, despite the van the group was riding in breaking down just hours after arriving in Nairobi.
    Just three hours into a 16 hour van ride, the van broke down and the group was left standing by the side of the road. Fortunately another large van pulled up and the group was able to hitch a ride in the already half full van, all 23 of them to a neighboring town. The van would break down one more time before arriving to Kisii when the radiator overheated.
    While Nieland may not have been scared about what lay outside of the van windows, the drivers of the vehicle may not have been so laid back.
    "I never felt any fear, but once we crossed the border and got into Kisii they were all relaxed," said Nieland. "I'm sure there was danger but I never felt that myself."
    In a part of the country with no running water (water was brought into the town one bucket at a time) or electricity, Nieland said contrary to beliefs Kisii wasn't overly warm with the temperatures ranging from 65-70 degrees at night and 80-85 degrees during the day. While they walked through the city in their group, Nieland said they were welcomed into the communities with open arms, especially at all of the gift shops which line Kisii.
    "They were so excited to have customers come in," she said. "With all of the stuff that has been going on in the last two months there hasn't been too many customers coming in and buying their stuff."
    Purchasing an elephant soap stone at one ship in particular, Nieland may have brought home more than a gift to show her friends and family. Signifying memory, strength, ancient wisdom, and power in the African culture, the elephant represents everything ROCK hopes to accomplish. Giving strength, power, and most importantly hope, one Kenvyan orphan at a time."

    For information contact:
    Mrs. Ron (Jan) Nieland
    Phone: 320-239-2481
    Mission Kenya

    "Video presentation created from the photos and videos I took during my volunteer work in Kenya during the summer of 2006. We will be returning to Kenya in the summer of 2007 to meet some specific needs of the population. We are also hoping to raise interest and awareness of the under-reported AIDS epidemic (especially among the children) and inadequate access to basic healthcare which exists for the people there....If you have any questions or would like to find out how you can help, please feel free to contact me through my MySpace profile: Keep us in your prayers as we return to do the work that Jesus has laid on our hearts to do. God Bless, Justin"
  • Cosmos Salamba, Kenyan preacher

  • Related Resources:
    Annual 07' Regional Missions Conference, in Somerset, WI (
    Chege Outreach Ministries Int�l Contact Joshua & Hannah Chege; P.O. Box 186; Fremont, NE 68026; 402.753.0563; KENYA [Met him through my local church when he shared his persecution experience back in Kenya at IVCF in the Fall of 2000
    Floju Academy Oprhanage (HIV residents) in Nakuru, Kenya Contact: John Wachori [Met him at March for Jesus 7/01-Minnneapolis]
  • Lover Mercy, Recently Noel was given a mandate by the Lord to feed, clothe and shelter the poor of the earth through the Love Mercy organization.

  • *referred by Assists article on IHOP 24/7 Prayer
    Martz's Crusades Has held crusades in Kitale, Kenya. Contact: Bobby & Ronda Martz; 23321 Hwy 301; Parkton, NC 28371; 910.858.3683. [Met Bobby through a Regional Conference, by local church attended in 2000
  • Outfitters for Adventure 04' Kenya Trip encouraging the churches in Kissi
  • Serving in Missions-UK
  • YWAM Africa: East, field offices in Kenya
  • Others:

    -Webuye, Kenya (local church e-mail from this city)

  • Pastor Gideon & Evelyn Mudenyo from Immanuel-Ministries of Rockport, Texas
  • Kenya 2001: Webuye, from Harvest Church
  • Music

  • "The Kikuyu of Central Province make up Kenya's largest ethnic group, but surprisingly little of their music has percolated beyond the ranks of the Kikuyu. The godfather of Kikuyu pop Joseph Kamaru burst onto the scene in 1967 with a Kikuyu take on benga that also nods to country-and-western music. Kamaru rejects love songs to focus playfully but pointedly on a variety of social topics using masterful "deep Kikuyu," full of proverbs and metaphors. Kamaru's "X-rated, Adults Only" shows remained a draw until he became a born-again Christian in 1993 and embarked upon a new career in gospel."
  • Trends in Kenyan Popular Music by Douglas B. Paterson, Ph.D.(1) (

  • Music of Kenya, from Wikipedia

  • Kisima Music Awards

  • -Gospel
    DNG - Mpenzi feat Manjeru - Kenyan Gospel

    Related Sites:
  • DNG-Kenya Gospel Headquarters, from

  • "DNG stands for 'Disciple and God', but my real names are Davidson Ngibuini. I chose this stage name because I want to be more like Christ in the way I live my life. I want to learn from Him. My music and ministry is all about Him. Born 17th May 1986 to a single parent, I am the only child in my family. Fatherless, my life has not been easy. I grew up in denial, looking for answers in all the word places: drugs, sex and alcohol- everything that you may consider moral filth. On July 31st 2003, I gave my life to the Lord and He began the transformation in my life."
  • Esther Wahome-Afrcans Home

  • "..A leading Kenyan Gospel artist, Esther Wahome, has released a new song, Kuna Dawa, which reminds all of us that all is not lost - Jesus Christ is still our hope. The song, which addresses societal ills, such as the HIV/AIDs pandemic, contends that despite all the suffering we see around us, there is still hope..."
    Kuna dawa - Esther Wahome

    Esther Wahome - Yahwe

    "presented by Esther Wahome is a Kenyan gospel artist and song writer."
  • Kenyan Gospel

  • Joan Wairimu, Miracle from God. Written by Dan Kamau Monday, 03 October 2005

  • "Joan Wairimu a servant of God sings with a magical voice. In her mother tongue, Kikuyu, she proclaims it is a miracle from God that we are alive in this world, that it is a miracle from God that we are, healthy, wealthy, beautiful, and more. Her two musical extravaganzas held in the cities of Lowell and Worcester, Massachusetts October 1st and 2nd were magical moments of blissful delight. Kids born by Kenyans in America could not get enough of the music as they jumped and danced with everyone to praise the Lord. "
    Je Unaweza-Joan Wairimu

    "can you"
    Astar - Close Your Eyes (

  • Afro Pop

  • Kamaru - Cunga Marima

    "Kamarus best patriotic songs...awesome! "

    kenya kikuyu gospel music Wa Saimo: Ndi Njira-ini

    " kikuyu worship music"


  • Rick Warren meets with Kenyan government leaders on day of cabinet restructure and challenges Church and Business Leaders to unity and renewal in wake of recent election By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Tuesday, April 8, 2008

  • "...According to A. Larry Ross Communications, Warren was invited to meet with leadership from both parties on the day President Mwai Kibaki was working to appoint an expanded cabinet of opposition leaders to complete a coalition government in the wake of violence following national elections last December that left 1,500 dead and displaced 300,000 other Kenyans as refugees in their own country.
    “God’s purpose for this nation is greater than the pain you are going through now,” Warren told Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.
    “From the outside it looks like pain, but from God’s perspective, it looks like labor before new birth. Don’t look at what you’ve lost; look at what is left. Kenya is still a vibrant nation, and out of this will come new life for the country and its people.”
    Warren then shared with Mr. Musyoka his vision for the P.E.A.C.E Plan through which he is mobilizing volunteers from the U.S. in Rwanda, Uganda and other African nations to address the five global giants of spiritual emptiness, ego-centric leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic disease and crippling illiteracy. "

  • Religions


  • Is witchcraft alive in Africa? Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 July 2005, 14:25 GMT 15:25 UK

  • Witchcraft is widely practised in some parts of Nigeria Would you turn to him for help? Does witchcraft have a place in modern society? BBC Africa Live wants to know if it is relevant to you.
    "In Africa, witchcraft has played a role in rebellions, fighting wars, gaining independence and is often seen at election time.
    Some people also consult witchdoctors to cure diseases or find a husband.
    However, the practise has negative sides - mutilated bodies are often found in Africa, with their organs removed presumably for use in magic charms. And recently in the UK, three people were jailed over the torture of an eight-year-old Angolan girl they accused of being a possessed witch.
    Do you believe in witchcraft? What is its role? What does your religion say about it? And how do you feel spiritually towards it? Would you like it banned? Do you know a witch?
    This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments. ..."
    I don't believe in witchcraft but I know it exists. These guys have powers that can really send a chilling feeling down your spine! Among the Banyores of western Kenya, we have got a group of old men who can make rainfall! We have got groups known to purchase thunder and lightening to strike enemies/opponents to death.
    These guys exist and one shouldn't underestimate their capabilities. Most influential people in our society visit witches in darkness or during the wee hours for consultation or treatment. Whether a born again Christian or strong Muslim believer, you can't dismiss witchcraft.
    - Job Egalaha, Kenya
    "What does modern man call witchcraft? Witchcraft can take different definitions depending on whom, when and where it's being defined. However, all forms of witchcraft have something in common which are magic powers beyond human conception. Having said that, witchcraft is as old as mankind only that it has played different roles in our lives at different times and still plays a role in modern life.
    In the biblical times, we read about Simon...
    [Simon the Sorcerer
    9Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, "This man is the divine power known as the Great Power." 11They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his magic. 12But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.
    14When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them. 15When they arrived, they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16because the Holy Spirit had not yet come upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into[c] the name of the Lord Jesus. 17Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.
    18When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles' hands, he offered them money 19and said, "Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit."
    20Peter answered: "May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin."
    24Then Simon answered, "Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me."
    25When they had testified and proclaimed the word of the Lord, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages.-Acts 8]
    ... the great witch. As to whether it should be banned or not, of course there are some aspects of it that are repugnant to modern justice systems which should be outlawed. Even in the western world, there are aspects of witchcraft that haven't been eliminated."
    - Charles Michira, Kenya"
    "Witchcraft is truly alive in Africa; not only in remote villages but also in the wealthy suburbs of Kenya. One need not look far to see signs, advertising witchcraft services, which include promises to ensure you get a job, get pregnant, ensure your husband sticks to you, or even attract a new one.
    Most "wagangas" as witchdoctors are commonly referred to in East Africa, hail from Zanzibar and even those from other regions claim to hail from the area, since they are reputed to deliver. Though witchcraft is not spoken about, it is very alive and desperate people spend their life savings on the promise of the realisation of their dreams."
    Christine Wamuyu, Kenya


    Angelina Jolie Kenya

    " moving excerpts from her trip to Kenya/MTV Diary "


  • Lonely Planet, profiling Kenya
  • Magical Kenya, destination site
  • Victoria Falls, a favorite attraction highlighted by africaguide
  • Tribes

  • Africa Kenyan Tribes, from kenyacolors
  • Tribes of Kenya and Sudan, various links
  • Visit to the Masai Village, On Safari, Masai Mara, Kenya

    "Traditional Masai village, from “The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer On Safari”, a free video taking you to Tanzania & Kenya, meeting famous African animals from Antelope to Zebra, including leopards, elephants, lions, cheetah, rhino, and hippos. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 other free, non-commercial, travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, go to: ; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer"



  • Cats Safaris

  • kenya safari

    " all the sceneries in kenya. best safari stop in africa."
  • Lonely Planet, where is Kenya?
  • Videos

  • Reel Kids Adventure: The Stolen Necklace, from YWAM Publishing
  • Women

    Kenya 2008 Impact Conference - Women's Conference

    "I was blessed to be part of Kenya 2008 Impact Women's Conference at Neno Evangelism Centre in Nairobi, Kenya from February 13-15. The women truly poured out their hearts to God in powerful prayer for the peace of Kenya. The worship was so powerful in that I was only able to get a 13-minutes video clip of the service. I also needed to join in the worship! Hallelujah!!!"

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